12 Quirky USB Gadgets to Liven up Your Desk

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Is your office desk hopelessly dull and uninspiring? Why not spice things up with some funny and quirky USB gadgets.

We have selected 12 unique, weird, and sometimes even useful USB gadgets that will make your boring office desk a little bit more exciting. Because, sadly, that’s where you have to spend most days of the week.

1. USB Rocket Launcher

Quirky USB gadgets: USB rocket launcher

Start an all out office war with the USB rocket launcher! Plug this gadget into your computer and use the included software to aim and fire missiles at your co-workers sitting up to 6 meters away.

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2. Robot USB Hub

Funny USB gadgets: Robot USB hub

Computers never seem to have enough USB ports so the last thing you’d need is a gadget that adds even more USB ports to your PC, right?

Wrong. This ridiculously cool looking robot USB hub features 4x USB 2.0 ports and is PC and Mac compatible. The best part? Its eyes light up when connected. Seriously.

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3. USB Desktop Aquarium

USB desktop aquarium

Fancy a little aquarium on your desk? This awesome USB desktop aquarium can hold up to 6 cups of water and includes an adjustable overhead LED light, USB power connector, decorative rocks and low voltage pump.

The LCD alarm clock features date, time, temperature, countdown timer, snooze, and 6 different modes of tranquil nature sounds for that true zen feeling.

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4. USB Thermo-electric Cooler & Warmer

USB thermoelectric cooler warmer

The shared office refrigerator is great and can cool a lot of things at the same time. But there are times when you just want your own can of soft drink to stay nice and cold, and you want that can to be right next to you.

That’s right, this classy USB thermo-electric cooler & warmer deserves a prime spot on your desk.

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5. Darth Vader Self Stirring Mug

Darth vader self stirring mug

The Force is strong with this one! Just press the button on the handle and Darth Vader will stir your coffee for you. We haven’t actually tested it so please use it at your own risk.

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6. Super Mario Flash Drive

Super Mario USB flash drive

Not only does this top quality USB flash drive look irresistibly cute and adorable, it can also carry up to 64 GB of your very important data. That’s a lot of data for such a little man.

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7. Astronaut USB Light

Funny USB gadgets: Astronaut USB light

Have a tiny little astronaut of your own, right next to your computer. Simply plug it in and light up what you need lit. How awesome!

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8. Smartphone Controlled Paper Airplane

Smartphone controlled paper plane

Just imagine you could create a paper plane and make it fly with your smartphone. Sounds ridiculously cool? That is now possible with this awesome USB charged gadget.

Simply attach the kit with built-in propeller to your self-built paper plane, download the app, and start annoying your co-workers like there’s no tomorrow.

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9. USB Alien with Illuminated Tongue

USB alien with illuminated tongue

There are times when all you need is just a bit of distraction in the office. Plug this scary alien creature in your PC and see how its tongue pops out randomly. Yes, that’s all it does, but it’s cool.

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10. USB Mini Lava Lamp

USB mini lava lamp

Beat the inevitable boredom in the office and enjoy the psychedelic color cycling of this funky USB mini lava lamp. This one is for the hipster-type office workers.

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11. Panda Flash Drive

Panda USB flash drive

There are way too many boring flash drives in the world. Make a change with the panda shaped USB flash drive. This gadget can hold up to 4GB of your important files and comes with a cap holder with chain to keep all your keys together.

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12. Star Wars Darth Vader USB Hub

Funny USB gadgets: Darth vader USB hub

This forceful USB hub is for the true Star Wars die-hard fans only. Darth Vader offers you 4x USB 2.0 ports and it also has a handy on/off button just underneath the hub. Enough said.

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