20 Weird and Unusual Coffee Mugs That Make You Stand Out

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You may be coffee crazy, or perhaps you’re more of an afternoon cup of tea kind of person, or a decadent hot chocolate could be the way to your heart. No matter what hot drink you prefer, you need a decent mug to enjoy it in.

That’s why we’ve come up with a list of weird mugs that will make you appreciate your favorite beverage even more.

At home or in the workplace, everyone has their favorite mug. The good old coffee mug is often a reflection of the person that’s drinking out of it.

If you’re the kind of person who loves to be a little bit different and stand out from the crowd, then you need a mug that shouts that out. You need a coffee mug that’s a bit weird or unusual, but definitely not boring. You want your precious coffee mug to be the envy of the crowded lunch room.

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20 Weird and Unusual Coffee Mugs

Check out the following list of 20 weird and unusual coffee mugs, there’s sure to be one to suit you. It’s time to get the coolest mug available and flash that bad boy around the office!

1. Have A Nice Day Coffee Mug

Weird mugs

Enjoy your coffee or tea and wish everyone around you a very, very nice day, all at the same time! But please be cautious, don’t take a sip from this 10oz ceramic mug in front of your boss. Just don’t.

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2. Anger Management Mug

Weird anger management mug

Gift the Anger Management Coffee Mug to someone with a bad temper or a short fuse. Your boss? An annoying co-worker? Your father-in-law? They may get upset, but at least they will get the message.

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3. The Hulk Mug

The Hulk mug

Inspired by The Hulk, this huge coffee mug is a perfect reminder for your co-workers to never ever mess with you. This powerful green mug is made with quality ceramic and can hold up to 12oz of your favorite beverage.

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4. Darth Vader Self Stirring Mug

Darth Vader self stirring weird mug

The force is definitely strong with this mug. Featuring a magic button, this mug with Darth Vader print will automagically stir your coffee for you so you can focus on the more important things in life.

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5. Wonder Woman Mug

Wonder woman mug

The wonder woman coffee mug is the perfect gift for all women out there who are simply awesome. Is your female co-worker doing an amazing job in the office? This mug is a great way to show your appreciation for her.

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6. Donut Coffee Mug

Donut coffee mug

Nothing beats a cup of coffee with a donut in the morning. The Donut Coffee Mug may not be as tasty as a real donut, but it comes very close, depending on what you pour into it of course.

Shaped like a delicious chocolate sprinkled donut, this well-designed coffee mug can hold up to 14oz of your favorite morning beverage.

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7. Thumb Wrestling Mug

Thumb wrestling coffee mug

A mug with a handle in the shape of a hand ready to play a game of thumb wrestling. Bring it on! The Thumb Wrestling Mug is a great gift for any coffee addict who also loves the classic game of thumb wrestling.

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8. World’s Largest Cup

The world's largest cup

Instead of having to refill your coffee mug every half hour, the world’s largest porcelain coffee cup can hold up to 20 cups of coffee! Warning, this mug is for true coffee addicts only, the ones with caffeine as their middle names.

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9. Anti Theft Plug Mug

Unusual anti-theft coffee mug

Mugs always get lost in the workplace, but the official Anti-Theft Plug Mug will stop office mug thieves from trying to steel your precious coffee mug. Simply keep the plug with your keys when you go home and your mug will turn absolutely useless.

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10. The Mug That Won’t Fall Over

Weird and unusual coffee mugs

Has it happened to you too? Well, with this revolutionary coffee mug you can be assured it won’t happen again! The keyboard and important papers on your desk are now absolutely safe.

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11. Skull Mug

Skull mug

The Skull Mug, with its very detailed and scary skull face on the side, is perfect for serving Halloween drinks. Or as a gift for those who are into skulls…

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12. Knuckle Duster Coffee Mug

Weird coffee mugs

If you’re proud of your gangsta lifestyle, and you’re not afraid to show it, the Knuckle Duster Coffee Mug is a must-have for you. Featuring a knuckle duster shaped metallic handle, with this ceramic coffee mug you’ll certainly get a fistful of your favorite morning beverage.

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13. The Floating Mug

Unusual floating mug

From the front, this coffee mug with comfortable grip appears to be floating in the air! Perfect for coffee lovers and tea infusers, this characteristic mug is a great decoration item in your home.

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14. Prescription Coffee Mug

Prescription coffee mug

For many of us, coffee is a drug. It has the power to wake us up in the morning and it keeps us going in the afternoon. With that in mind, a coffee mug in the shape of a little prescription medicine bottle makes perfect sense to us. Make sure you read the label!

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15. Mug With Biscuit Holder

Weird mug with biscuit holder

We all love a biscuit or two with our coffee and tea, so this mug with an extra biscuit holder compartment built in is a very welcome invention! Sadly, the biscuits are not included.

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16. Putter Cup Golf Mug

Putter cup golf mug

Play a game of mini golf on your desk whilst enjoying your morning coffee! This colorful porcelain mug comes with a small golf ball and a golf club that doubles as a pen.

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17. Ninja Mug

Ninja coffee mug

You may not be granted ninja like abilities when you drink your coffee from this mug, but it will surely make you smile. The Ninja Mug comes with a ninja sword spoon, a coaster and a removable cover.

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18. Unicorn Mug

Weird unicorn mug

We could all use a bit of magic in the morning whilst drinking our coffee. The Unicorn Mug is made with quality ceramic and can hold up to 16oz of your favorite beverage.

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19. Coffee Makes Me Poop Mug

Weird coffee makes me poop mug

A coffee mug that looks like poop? This somewhat awkward and unusual mug would make a great gag gift for all coffee lovers out there. Made of high quality ceramic, it can hold up to 14 ounces of delicious coffee or tea.

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20. Grenade Shaped Coffee Mug

Grenade shaped coffee mug

Need a little peace and quiet? Drink your coffee from this grenade shaped mug and be assured that everyone around you will stay far away.

But in all seriousness, drinking your favorite morning beverage from this very well designed coffee mug, doesn’t necessarily mean you’re a violent or aggressive person. It simply means you want to be a little different and not be as boring and mainstream as your co-workers in the office.

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