8 Cute Beanie Boos to Add to Your Collection

Cute Beanie Boos you need to have

The secret to the success of Beanie Boos is the cuteness overload. Once you see a Beanie Boo, you’re basically sold. These little stuffed toys are essentially designed to be irresistible.

We found them irresistible too so we decided to go through the entire collection to select the 8 cutest Beanie Boos for you.

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15 Funny Office Gag Gifts for Coworkers

15 Funny office gag gifts for coworkers

The office is not usually a place designed the be having fun. it’s a by-product of the industrial revolution, a space allocated to you to be the most productive, and where you are thrown together with a group of complete strangers to make it all work.

The reality is though, an office environment also needs a bit of fun in order to keep ourselves and our coworkers happy and more productive. And this is where entertaining office gag gifts can come in handy!

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15 Gift Ideas for Men Who Have Everything

Gift ideas for men who have everything

Buying a gift for that special man in your life who already has everything can be a huge challenge, but certainly not impossible.

Let us help you out in case you’re stuck for ideas to find a suitable gift for your husband’s birthday, your spoiled boyfriend’s graduation night, or your dad’s upcoming retirement party.

We’ve come up with a list of awesome gift ideas for men who have everything, ranging from reasonably affordable to ridiculously expensive.

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12 Traditional Housewarming Gifts and Their Symbolic Meanings

Traditional housewarming gifts and their symbolic meanings

Are you invited to a housewarming party and you’re not sure what to bring? You can play it safe and bring some food and drinks, or perhaps a decoration item for the new house. But you could also consider a traditional housewarming gift with a much more symbolic meaning that will leave a lasting impression.

Traditional housewarming gifts vary from culture to culture, but what they share is a symbol of well wishes from the giver to the new homeowner.

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7 Best Home Laser Tag Guns and Sets (Buying Guide)

Best home laser tag guns and sets

We have all played army, cowboy, or any other shooting game while growing up as kids. Back then we might have used sticks or, if we were lucky, plastic guns with the occasional sound effects thrown in.

But now there is a game changer: home laser tag guns. Having gone through an enormous popularity boost in the last decade, laser tag is now an established action game that is suitable for both kids as well as for adults.

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15 Funny Pillow Cases to Liven up Your Lounge Room

15 Funny pillow cases

For most of us, a boring white pillow case is good enough to place our heads on for that much needed peace and quiet time. But for others, having a unique and funny pillow case is just as important as the quality of the bed or couch.

That’s right, there’s a huge market for pillow cases that are just a bit different, and I’ve picked my favorite 15 to show you how a funny pillow case can make all the difference to your lifestyle.

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15 Funny and Quirky Shot Glasses to Get That Party Started

Funny and quirky shot glasses

Party shots. That dreaded word. Nothing else can really turn a night upside down, or make you see someone in a totally new light.

As a result, manufacturing funny and quirky shot glasses is a whole industry in itself, and the choices are, quite literally, endless.

Which is why we’ve gone ahead and shortlisted 15 of the weirdest, the quirkiest, and the funniest shot glasses you can get your hands on today.

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5 Best Folding Saucer Chairs to Enhance Your Living Room

Best folding saucer chairs

One good way to make your living room a more cozy and fun space to be, is to add furniture items that stand out and aren’t very common.

A good example of that is the folding saucer chair, the kind of chair that not only looks a bit different from regular furniture, but is also super comfortable.

We have done the research for you and have shortlisted 5 awesome folding saucer chairs that will greatly improve your living room in many different ways.

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