Pie in the Face Board Game (Play Russian Roulette With Pie)

Pie in the Face board game

Millions of new games get invented every year throughout the world, but how many of them involve Russian Roulette and pie?

If you’re looking for a simple game that makes all the difference and you’re not afraid of getting a little bit messy, then Pie Face is perfect for you.

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Nerf Lazer Tag Phoenix LTX Tagger 2-Pack Review

Nerf Lazer Tag Phoenix LTX review

The Nerf Lazer Tag Phoenix LTX Tagger guns have been a popular laser tag set for more than a decade. Not only is this 2-pack very sophisticated and robust, the price for this set is also very reasonable.

What I like so much about laser tag in general is that, unlike video games, it’s a game that requires players to be active as well as social.

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Giant 6 Foot Teddy Bear (The Perfect Gift)

Giant 6 foot teddy bear

The giant 6 foot teddy bear, with super soft velour coat and stuffed with 100% PP cotton, is your perfect partner in crime for the best hugs and cuddles when you most need them.

The 6 foot teddy bear can be your new best friend at home. Always there for a warm cuddle, its soft, high quality stuffing and adorable face will melt the hearts of both children and adults.

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8 Cute Beanie Boos to Add to Your Collection

Cute Beanie Boos you need to have

The secret to the success of Beanie Boos is the cuteness overload. Once you see a Beanie Boo, you’re basically sold. These little stuffed toys are essentially designed to be irresistible.

We found them irresistible too so we decided to go through the entire collection to select the 8 cutest Beanie Boos for you.

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7 Best Home Laser Tag Guns and Sets (Buying Guide)

Best home laser tag guns and sets

We have all played army, cowboy, or any other shooting game while growing up as kids. Back then we might have used sticks or, if we were lucky, plastic guns with the occasional sound effects thrown in.

But now there is a game changer: home laser tag guns. Having gone through an enormous popularity boost in the last decade, laser tag is now an established action game that is suitable for both kids as well as for adults.

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5 Best Indoor Trampolines Your Kids Will Love

Indoor trampolines for kids

For some, a fun childhood means playing with the latest gadgets and video games. Others prefer to collect lots of toys, from cool race cars to home laser tag.

And then there are kids who love jumping on an indoor trampoline, either with their siblings, with their friends, or just by themselves.

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7 Fun Lego Storage Boxes Your Kids Need to Have

Best Lego storage boxes

Lego has always been a classic favorite for kids and for the young at heart all over the world. Playtime is always the best when these special bricks get involved, allowing imaginations to run wild and free.

With the millions of things you can create with those Lego bricks, you can never have too many of them. And that raises the inevitable question, where do you store them when they are not being played with?

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Best Funko POP Figures (Pick Your Favorite Movie Star or Cartoon Character)

Best Funko POP figures

The best thing about collecting Funko POP Figures is that there are so many of them. If you have a favorite movie, cartoon or celebrity, most likely there will be a cool Funko POP vinyl toy to go with them.

What’s also great is that collecting Funko POP Figures really isn’t just for young children. In the last few years these adorable, large-headed, vinyl figures have developed a huge, ever growing fan base, and many people use them simply as fun and colorful decoration items.

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