8 Cute Beanie Boos to Add to Your Collection

Cute Beanie Boos you need to have

The secret to the success of Beanie Boos is the cuteness overload. Once you see a Beanie Boo, you’re basically sold. Not to mention what would happen when a young kid lays his or her eyes on a Beanie Boo.

These little stuffed toys are essentially designed to be irresistible. We found them irresistible too so we decided to go through the entire collection to select the 8 cutest Beanie Boos for you.

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6 Foot Teddy Bear, the Perfect Gift

Giant 6 foot teddy bear

The giant 6 foot teddy bear, with super soft velour coat and stuffed with 100% PP cotton, is your perfect partner in crime for the best hugs and cuddles when you most need them.

The 6 foot teddy bear can be your new best friend at home. Always there for a warm cuddle, its soft, high quality stuffing and adorable face will melt the hearts of both children and adults.

Is a 6 foot teddy bear too big, or perhaps even too small for you? Read on, because we’ve also found giant teddy bears in other sizes!

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