15 Cool Man Cave Gift Ideas

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Last updated: November 10, 2020

A man cave is a room, garage or shed that is designed to be a male sanctuary, away from the rest of the household. This sacred area is used for both work and entertainment, without interference from any female influence.

To make a man cave a true man cave, one needs appropriate furniture, cool accessories, and other meaningful items that make the man cave a place where you and your mates will want to hang out.

15 Gift Ideas to Spice up That Man Cave

We have compiled a list of 15 ideas for man cave gifts that would be great additions to any man cave out there.

From door signs to ashtrays, and from alcoholic gadgets to the best party games, you will find it here. It’s time to spice up that man cave.

1. Warning Metal Door Sign

Man cave warning metal door sign

Every man cave needs a good door sign and with this heavy duty aluminum enter-at-your-own-risk warning sign you show that you take your man cave very seriously.

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2. Jamaican Man Holding Ashtray

Jamaican man holding ashtray

Why use old and boring ashtrays when you can have this Jamaican gentleman sitting on your coffee table? Even if you don’t smoke, it makes for a great decoration piece.

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3. Lounge Bean Bag

Lounge Bean Bag

Bean bag chairs are the ultimate in casual comfort, which is why every man cave needs to have one. Filled up with durable and soft foam, this bean bag chair lounger will immediately become the most popular chair or couch in that man cave.

It’s super versatile, as you can place it on its side to make it a true lounger, or you can place it upright for more back support.

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4. Ping Pong Robot

Ping pong robot man cave toy

A true man cave needs games and the ping pong robot can provide the best entertainment for you. With different spins and shots fired at you at different speeds, this gadget is guaranteed fun for you and your mates.

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5. Mini Kegerator Refrigerator

Mini kegerator refrigerator

Men in man caves get thirsty, and therefore a mini keg fridge is an absolute necessity. This awesome gadget can hold a 5L mini keg, just about enough for a decent man cave party.

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6. Custom Auto Wheel Wall Clock

Custom auto wheel wall clock

This battery operated auto wheel clock deserves a prime spot on your man cave wall. It’s an analog clock with a wrench and screwdriver to indicate the time. How cool.

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7. Alcohol Wood Box Sign

Alcohol wood box man cave sign

“Alcohol, because no great story ever started with someone eating a salad”.

Makes perfect sense, right?

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8. Double Pocket Pillow

Double pocket pillow

If the sofa beverage organizer above is not your pick, then you should definitely try the double pocket pillow. With 2 deep pockets, you can keep your drink and remote control very close by.

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9. Marshall Mini Beer Fridge

Mini beer fridge for the man cave

There is nothing cooler than a big-ass fridge with an authentic Marshall look. Heck, it’s even energy star compliant.

Check out our list of awesome mini beer fridges for the man cave and pick your favorite.

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10. Foosball Coffee Table

Foosball coffee table

A classy hard wood coffee table AND a foosball table in one! With telescopic rods, octagonal handles, adjustable leg levelers and a sleek glass top, this table is serious business.

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11. Aluminum Case Poker Set

Poker set man cave game

Who doesn’t love a good old fashioned game of poker? This poker set in a fancy aluminum case includes 200 dual-toned poker chips, one deck of poker cards and dealer chips.

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12. Metal Man Cave Sign

Metal man cave sign

“What happens in the cave, stays in the cave”.

This man cave metal sign with 4 pre-drilled holes is spot on.

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13. Shot Glass Roulette

Shot glass roulette

Drinking shots whilst playing roulette and getting drunk all at the same time. Does it get any manlier than this?

Check out our list of favorite party drinking games for more ideas.

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14. Shoot again Basketball

Shoot again basketball man cave game

If ping pong is just not your thing, then try this little basketball gadget. Throw the ball in and the shoot-again-basketball returns it straight back to you. Comes with electronic scoring, a time clock and authentic announcer sounds!

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15. Sofa Beverage Organizer

Sofa drinks holder for man cave

When you’re watching your favorite action movie, it is crucial that you have all your vital belongings within reach. The sofa beverage organizer can hold your phone, your beer AND the remote control all safe together in one place.

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15 Cool man cave gift ideas

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