19 Unique Novelty Tea Infusers

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Last updated: June 17, 2021

Most of us love a nice warm cup of tea in the afternoon to refresh and revitalize. Some use tea bags, others use fresh tea leaves.

But this afternoon tea routine could be so much more fun if we used tea infusers that were just a little bit different. And that is why we’ve come up with a bunch of cool and unique novelty tea infusers.

Tea strainers and tea infusers have been around for centuries, but infusers with a fun twist are a bit of a new thing in the tea brewing scene.

Not only is it so much more fun to prepare your morning or afternoon tea with one of these cool tea infusers, they can also be great conversation starters.

Top 19 Novelty Tea Infusers

In no particular order, here are 19 super fun and unusual novelty tea infusers that will put a smile on your face each time you pour yourself a cup of tea.

1. Mister Tea Silicone Tea Infuser

Mister Tea Silicone Tea Infuser

Chuck some tea leaves into Mister Tea’s rubber trousers and let him chill on the rim of your cup for a few minutes. The Mister Tea silicone tea infuser is a fun little tea companion that makes the perfect cup of tea in no time.

This tea infuser is made with silicone rubber that won’t affect the taste of your tea, is easy to clean, and fits all mug sizes.

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2. Robot Tea Infuser

Robot Tea Infuser

The robot tea infuser, with his adjustable arms, loves to hug the sides of your cup as he takes a dip to prepare the perfect blend of tea for you.

This adorable tea gadget is made of stainless steel. Simply pop open his chest and load it up with your favorite loose leaf tea. Then let it sit in your cup for a little while and once your tea is ready, the robot tea infuser is happy to rest up on the resting tray while you are enjoying your favorite afternoon beverage.

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3. Manatea Silicone Tea Infuser

Manatea Silicone Tea Infuser

The cute little manatea silicone tea infuser perches securely on the rim of your cup and brews loose tea to perfection without falling in. Could this possibly be the best way to prepare your morning cup of tea?

This irresistible tea infuser is made with food-safe and BPA-free silicone rubber so it won’t effect the flavor of your tea. And the tiny little holes keep the tea in and let the flavor out.

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4. Hot Dog Silicone Tea Infuser

Hot Dog Silicone Tea Infuser

Who wouldn’t smile when seeing a little dachshund hanging over your cup of tea. Simply fill it up with your favorite loose leaf tea and hang his little paws on your cup to enjoy that perfectly brewed tea in the afternoon.

You can rest assured that this unique novelty tea infuser is made with food-safe, BPA-free silicone. Its material is soft, non-toxic, and tasteless, so it won’t have any impact on the flavors of your delicious tea.

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5. Mini Owl Tea Infusers

Mini Owl Tea Infusers

Enough with the boring and dull tea moments. Make them more colorful and vibrant with these mini owl tea infusers.

It’s the tea gadget that doubles as a fancy kitchen decoration that will surely get your neighbors interested. It has fine holes which ensures that no leaves can escape for the optimum tea satisfaction.

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6. Cute Cat Shaped Tea Strainers

Cute Cat Shaped Tea Strainers

Get that fantastic cup of tea in the morning with this adorable cat tea infuser. It’s a tea party essential you never thought you needed.

It’s made of high quality materials that are safe to reuse. This tea party must-have elevates your tea prepping to the next level. Plus, it looks like a cat so what more could you ask for?

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7. Funny Elephant Tea Infuser

Funny Elephant Tea Infuser

Make your tea brewing routine fun with this elephant tea infuser. Just put your tea leaves in the stainless cup, close the base and dip the elephant in hot water.

Once it’s done and ready, just pull out the elephant’s trunk and you’re good to go. The silicon is BPA-free and it’s easy to clean so that’s more than handy.

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8. Dinosaur Loose Leaf Tea Infusers

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Have fun getting your tea ready with this adorable dinosaur tea infuser. What makes it extra fun is its long neck and head poking right out of your cup’s rim.

This dinosaur isn’t picky though, and it’s happy to sit in all sorts of cup and mug sizes. It’s made with pure food-grade silicon so, yes, you can safely take that sip of tea now.

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9. Umbrella Shaped Tea Infusers

Umbrella Shaped Tea Infusers

When it rains, it pours. So why not pour some hot water into your favorite mug and let this fun umbrella silicon tea infuser do the magic with your tea leaves.

You can even start a tea party in your own home! Every package comes with nine umbrella infusers, so there’s going to be enough awesomeness for everyone!

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10. Long Handle Hand Gesture Tea Strainers

Long Handle Hand Gesture Tea Strainers

Raise your hand if you’re a tea lover! Your love for tea will surely be validated by these Hand Gesture-designed tea infusers. It’s going to be even more A-okay because these are reusable and practical.

So say goodbye to wasteful tea bags and say hello to a healthier and more sustainable lifestyle, because these artsy tea partners got you covered.

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11. Sea Turtle Tea Infuser

Sea Turtle Tea Infuser

Spice up the fun of brewing your special tea leaves with this sea turtle tea infuser. Get that relaxing ocean vibe as the sea turtle’s tiny forelimbs perch on your tea mug while you wait for your drink to be ready.

This tea infuser is dishwasher and microwave friendly. But it gets even better, because it’s eco-friendly too, which is also important.

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12. Chilling Cat Tea Infuser

Chilling Cat Tea Infuser

Because everything is better when cats are in the picture, here’s a certified cat lover-approved tea infuser. This unique cat-designed tea-making tool just casually chills on the rim of your cup.

It has an attached stainless steel infuser that releases that rich flavor from your tea leaves. Get this as a gift for your cat-loving friend and fill their day with overflowing excitement.

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13. Titanic Tea Infuser

Titanic Tea Infuser

Here’s a ship you would want to sink into your hot water to create a soothing concoction, the Titanic tea infuser. This ship-designed infuser isn’t going to hit any iceberg in this scene though.

It’s ultimately going to hit you right in the feels when you realize how convenient it is, because it’s easy to clean, safe to use, and it prepares the best tasting tea.

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14. Cute Platypus Tea Strainer Pair

Cute Platypus Tea Strainer Pair

Have you been everywhere looking for that perfect gift for your friend who’s getting married? Silverware and appliances are so outdated when it comes to the married couple gift department.

Let your gift stand out when you decide to give them this lovely couple platypus tea infuser. It completes and makes any couple’s tea time bonding more enjoyable and memorable.

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15. Flamingo Pool Float Tea Infuser

Flamingo Pool Float Tea Infuser

Who said flamingo floaters can just be found in pools during the summer season? Well this flamingo infuser brings summer right into your tea cup.

Enjoy this fun-looking tea wonder floating on top of your drink. It has a stainless steel holder at the bottom that houses your tea leaves, allowing the hot water to seep through, creating that much-anticipated and irresistible tea flavor.

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16. Yellow Submarine Tea Infuser

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Take your tea making expertise under the sea with this yellow submarine infuser. Simply place your tea leaves in there and dip them under in hot water.

Get ready to be mesmerized as it brings you that delicious drink you need to get your day started. This infuser is made with high-quality and FDA-approved materials, so you can 100% focus on your favorite afternoon drink.

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17. Space Capsule Tea Infuser

Space Capsule Tea Infuser

Give yourself that outer space tea experience with this space capsule-designed tea infuser. Submerge the stainless steel and take a hold of that astronaut as you prepare your tea.

It’s a tea infuser like no other. The materials used for this cool kitchen tool are food safety-approved, durable, and can withstand boiling water. It’s the perfect out-of-this-world present!

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18. Floating Frog Loose Leaf Tea Infuser

Floating Frog Loose Leaf Tea Infuser

Looks like the frog prince just landed into tea territory! Ribbit your way to an amazing afternoon delight with this frog floating tea infuser.

It comes with a stainless steel holder where you can put all your favorite tea leaves, and just let it sit for a few minutes. Waiting time won’t be boring with this infuser’s inviting and fascinating design.

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19. Little Pig Loose Leaf Tea Strainer

Little Pig Loose Leaf Tea Strainer

Giddy for some tea? Here’s a tea gadget you surely wouldn’t want to miss; the charming pig-designed tea ball infuser. This brings CUTE and TEA together for those delightful tea moments with you and your friends.

It comes with a stainless and rust-resistant chain for an easier tea ball descend and ascend, leaving you with that perfectly tasting cup of afternoon tea.

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19 Unique novelty tea infusers


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