5 Best Croquet Sets for Adults

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Last updated: November 10, 2020

For some people, the idea of a game of croquet brings up images of elegant garden tea parties, big hats, and fancy dresses.

While the game has been around long enough for that to be a realistic picture, it has maintained its popularity for so long that it’s now played in denim shorts and t-shirts, while photos of the game are uploaded to social media.

As a professional croquet enthusiast myself, I’ve taken the liberty of compiling a list of the top five best croquet sets for adults.

Top 5 Croquet Sets for Backyard Fun

Playing a game of croquet is indeed lots of fun, so hopefully this practical croquet sets buying guide will help you select the best one for you and your mates.

1. Ropoda 6-Player Croquet Set with Wooden Mallets

This set includes the standard six handles, six mallet heads, two end stakes, and nine steel wickets; essentially everything you need for a good game of croquet.

This is another set where the mallet handles and mallet heads are separate pieces, but they easily screw together for only seconds of setup. This set is made from high-quality, premium hardwood, and all the pieces are easy to install so that you can be set up and playing in no time.

Ropoda 6-Player Croquet Set with Wooden Mallets

The six balls are made from resin that is damage and crack-resistant, so that they stay in great shape and continue to look like new for as long as possible.

Also worth mentioning is that the manufacturer considers customer satisfaction as their top priority. They stand behind their product so much so that they encourage customers to reach out to them should there ever be a problem.

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2. Juegoal 6-Player Hardwood Croquet Set

This set includes six mallet handles that are 29 inches in length, and six detachable mallet heads with caps for extra protection and durability.

Also included are two hardwood center stakes that are 18 inches long, six weather-resistant croquet balls that come in purple, green, yellow, orange, red, and blue, and nine steel wickets with a vinyl coating for protection from the elements.

Juegoal 6-Player Hardwood Croquet Set

Don’t worry about the mallet handles and mallet heads being separate. The handles and heads screw together easily so you can be ready to play in seconds.

Additionally, included in this set is a handy drawstring bag for storing your game equipment. This bag is big enough to store all 29 pieces of equipment at one time without having to take the mallet heads off the mallet handles. This drawstring bag is perfect for storing your croquet equipment until your next game, or for transporting it to the next backyard party!

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3. GoSports 6-Player Croquet Set for Adults & Kids

In its own canvas carrying case is the next set on our list. Boasting premium hardwood craftsmanship, this sleek set with its modern design comes in two different versions: standard and deluxe.

The standard set includes six 28-inch, single-piece mallets, six balls (green, blue, purple, orange, red, and yellow), nine wickets, two end posts, and a set of rules. The rules include different variations on the game, so have fun changing it up!

GoSports 6-Player Croquet Set for Adults & Kids

The deluxe set includes the same number of pieces and the rule guide, but it features 35-inch mallet handles to accommodate taller players with ease, and each of these handles features a comfort grip for convenience.

As mentioned, this set comes with a canvas carrying case for easy storage and transportation. If you are a player that would appreciate the taller mallet or play regularly with someone that would, this may just be the right set for you.

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4. Crown Sporting Goods Vintage Croquet Set

The fourth set on this list might transport you back in time to when the game was still called “crooky”. This gorgeous vintage-looking set is an all-wood classic and made to last.

It’s luxuriously hand-painted and finished with a dark stain polish to make it look like an old family heirloom even though the set is of course brand new.

Crown Sporting Goods Vintage Croquet Set

It features extra-long mallets, measuring in at a whopping 38 inches, and the balls, also made from wood, are crafted specially to be able to withstand hard strikes. The steel wickets are made to last for as long as you have the set.

Also included with this croquet set is its own cushioned canvas bag with durable straps. It can be taken anywhere with ease without causing any wear and tear to the contents of the bag.

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5. Amish-Crafted Deluxe 8-Player Croquet Game Set

The final croquet set on our list is one of the more expensive sets on the market, but the price is more than worth what you get with this set. This eight-player set is Amish-made, so that should give you an idea about its superior craftsmanship and quality right from the start.

Amish-Crafted Deluxe 8-Player Croquet Game Set

Included are eight wooden balls, eight wooden mallets, nine steel wickets, and two wooden end posts. Also included with the game materials are a booklet of rules, and a beautifully made wooden storage rack that holds every piece with ease.

This particular set doesn’t come with a carrying bag, so it may not be as mobile as some of its counterparts on this list. But you may certainly be the envy of everyone who comes to play with you when they see the fine craftsmanship and top of the line quality.

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About Croquet

Like many old games and traditions, the origins of croquet are muddy at best.

A Bit of History

It is believed that the foundation of croquet is based on a similar game by French peasants in the 1400’s using makeshift mallets to hit a ball through hoops made of tree branches.

The first time the game that resembled modern-day croquet as we know it was played was in 1852. It made its way to England via Ireland, where the Irish had been playing their own version of the game since the 1830s.

It was called “crooky” in England, and when an English manufacturer of sporting goods began selling sets for people to play with, croquet became hugely popular as an activity for the British leisure class to enjoy.

The man who began mass-producing these croquet sets was named John Jacques, and his name still appears on a brand of croquet equipment to this day, John Jaques and Son.

Since the game is so simple and easy to play, and with its easy availability, it has remained a staple in outdoor games for the family ever since it was just called “crooky”.

It has also had an impact on popular culture that has lasted for as long as the game has. In Lewis Carrol’s Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, the titular character, Alice, plays a game of croquet with the infamous Red Queen, using live flamingos as mallets and live hedgehogs for the balls!

The game we know today is much simpler to play than the game Alice had to get through; there are no live animals involved in the official gameplay.

How to Play a Game of Croquet

You don’t have to be especially athletic to enjoy a game of croquet since it’s so easy.

A game set contains four balls (or sometimes six in some sets) and mallets, nine hoops called wickets, and two marker poles.

Traditionally, in four-ball sets, the balls are blue, red, black, and yellow, and that is the order each color must be played in. If you ever forget this order, colored bands are painted on the center peg to help you remember.

The nine wickets can be set up in any formation as long as they are evenly and fairly spaced on the court.

Playing a game of croquet outside

To start the game, it is most traditional to flip a coin, although there are no hard and fast rules about how to pick the first person to take a turn.

Once the players’ colors have been determined, each player gets one strike per turn to try to guide their ball through each of the seven wickets. It’s a race to see which player can make it through all the wickets in order first!

Now that you’re completely hooked on this unique and historical game, you need to know what to look for in a croquet set.

What to Look for in a Croquet Set

Obviously, it has to include the required mallets, balls, wickets, and center pegs since it’s very hard to play croquet without at least these minimum requirements. In this modern age of so many different options, however, it is also important to make sure you look for a good quality set.

Look for a croquet set with solid craftsmanship to be sure you purchase a set that should last you as long as possible. It is important to look for a company to buy from that stands behind its products and takes pride in its workmanship. Last but not least, check how long the handles are, as you wouldn’t want them to be too short.

Now that you’ve seen the very best of which croquet sets are on the market, it’s time to choose the one that’s right for you and your mates!


Croquet sets buying guide

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