8 Cute Beanie Boos to Add to Your Collection

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The secret to the success of Beanie Boos is the cuteness overload. Once you see a Beanie Boo, you’re basically sold. Not to mention what would happen when a young kid lays his or her eyes on a Beanie Boo.

These little stuffed toys are essentially designed to be irresistible. We found them irresistible too so we decided to go through the entire collection to select the 8 cutest Beanie Boos for you.

Ty Warner, the World’s Richest Toy Maker

The company behind these cute Beanie Boos is Ty Inc, a toy manufacturer founded by Ty Warner in 1986. Ty very quickly established itself as a toy maker that produced stuffed toys with a difference. The recognizable logo (“ty”), the tag attached to each toy with a name and little poem, the broad range of different characters and colors used in their products. It all worked out really well for Ty.

If you grew up in the 1990’s then you must be very familiar with Beanie Babies, the stuffed toys that the whole world went crazy for. It’s the Beanie Babies that made their creator Ty Warner at one point the richest toy manufacturer ever. And all that with toys that cost less than 10 dollars. How is that possible?

Remember Beanie Babies?

Ty introduced Beanie Babies in 1993 and it didn’t take long before they became hugely popular. Sure, they were well-designed cute-looking toys, but there must be something more that made this product so successful. It was Ty Warner’s unique marketing and design insights that ultimately made all the difference.

Beanie Baby LionWarner was a perfectionist and wanted each Beanie Baby to be faultless and unique. More than often he would make changes to existing Beanie Babies to make them even better until he was fully satisfied with the end product.

As a result of this, a lot of different versions of a certain Beanie Baby exist with some of them becoming collectors items.

Ty Warner also didn’t sell to big toy shops or departments stores. He would often only be selling limited numbers of certain models to create an environment of scarcity and exclusivity which ultimately pushed up demand and prices.

This got to a point where a unique Beanie Baby sold for 10K dollars!

If you happen to have an old Beanie Baby at home eating dust, you may want to consider selling the toy if it’s a really unique model. You may be surprised how much you could be getting for it.

Beanie Boos, the New Generation

After manufacturing various types of stuffed toy series, Ty introduced the first Beanie Boos in 2009 and they are still very successful today. These cute little characters with their big eyes very quickly earned the top spot on many children’s wishlists. What’s great is that they’re super small (only 6 inches tall) and they cost next to nothing.

Beanie Boos often go through several prototype cycles with different color schemes before they’re approved to go into production. What makes Beanie Boos unique is that they each have a tag attached to their ears with the name and birth date of the animal.

8 Popular and Cute Beanie Boos

With so many different cute Beanie Boos available right now, it can actually be quite a challenge to pick the perfect one.

To make it easier for you, here is our list of 8 popular, best-selling and cute Beanie Boos you can currently buy online.

1. Kiki the Grey Cat

Cutest Beanie Boo Kiki the Grey Cat

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2. Slick The Brown Fox

Cutest Beanie Boo Slick the Brown Fox

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3. Kipper the Brown Kangaroo

Beanie Boo Kipper the Brown Kangaroo

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4. Duke the Dog

Beanie Boo Duke the Dog

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5. Fantasia the Unicorn

Beanie Boo Fantasia the Unicorn

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6. Tundra the White Tiger

Beanie Boo Tundra the White Tiger

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7. Whiskers the Grey Schnauzer

Beanie Boo Whiskers the Grey Schnauzer

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8. Waddles the Penguin

Beanie Boo Waddles the Penguin

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