9 Hilarious Dog Costumes for Small Dogs

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Last updated: June 12, 2021

As a small dog owner myself, I know firsthand how much our four-legged friends crave attention. And let’s be honest, that’s a two-way street.

One way of drawing attention to dogs is by dressing them up in a funny dog costume that will attract the attention of both humans and fellow dogs while being out and about.

That’s why we’ve handpicked 9 hilarious dog costumes that will put our smaller sized dogs in the spotlight.

Top 9 Funny Dog Costumes

In no particular order, here are 9 hilarious outfits both you and your canine friend will love.

1. Star Wars Classic Jedi Dog Costume

Star Wars Classic Jedi Dog Costume

The force will surely be with your dog with this officially licensed Star Wars Classic Jedi Robe. This funny dog costume includes one brown cloak, an attached hood with ear holes, plus a belt that keeps the costume in place and completes the Jedi experience.

It is made with high caliber polyester material and it’s offered in different sizes. This dog costume is perfect for Halloween, or just for your regular dress up pup playtime.

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2. Fun Shark Dog Costume

Fun Shark Dog Costume

Because regular dog sweaters are a little too ordinary, why not make it more interesting with this fun shark costume. It’s great for cold weather too because it’s made with high quality and thick velvet material making it durable and warm.

Plus, it’s soft which makes it a comfortable costume for your small dog. Avoid the hassle with this one because it has a three button closure so it’s easy to wear and take off.

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3. Princess Small Dog Costume

Princess Small Dog Costume

Turn your dog into a real Disney princess for a day with this awesome costume. Rubie’s offers four exciting designs to choose from: Ariel from The Little Mermaid, Belle from Beauty and the Beast, Snow White, and Cinderella.

These are offered in six different sizes so you’re sure to find what fits your furry friend. Each design is a complete dog costume from the dress to the wig plus other accessories.

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4. UPS Pal Dog Costume

UPS Pal Dog Costume

Get ready because an express delivery of overflowing cuteness is on its way with this UPS dog costume. This adorable piece of apparel includes a shirt with sleeves for your dog’s front legs that fastens around the neck.

It also has stuffed arms in front holding a small box secured by velcro dots. It also includes a foam visor with an elastic chin strap completing that charming small delivery dog look.

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5. Ghostbusters Dog Costume

Ghostbusters Dog Costume

Who are you gonna call when you’ve had a real tough day? It’s none other than your furry friend in this irresistible Ghostbuster costume. Revel in your dog’s excitement while wearing this as it is made with only the best and dog-friendly materials to suit your dog’s movements.

It comes with a Ghostbuster shirt and an inflatable backpack that seals the deal turning your small dog into a certified Ghostbuster.

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6. Panda Puppy Dog Costume

Panda Puppy Dog Costume

There’s nothing more rewarding after a long day at work than seeing your furry friend in a panda or teddy bear costume. Have a great laugh with these durable and easy to put on costumes which provide a walking panda and teddy bear illusion.

Each costume comes with a full length hoodie made with soft plush fabric, a bamboo accessory and an adjustable face and back making it a cozy wear for your small pooch.

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7. Holy Hound Dog Costume

Holy Hound Dog Costume

How about a dog dressed as a pope to bless your day with happiness and excitement? This holy hound dog costume is a party must-have to make your pup stand out from the rest.

It comes with pooch-detailed traditional vestments and a pope’s hat secured with a strap for your pup’s realistic look. You have four sizes to choose from to ensure the best fit for your small dog.

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8. Multi Action Hero Dog Costume

Multi Action Hero Dog Costume

Get your action-packed playtime fix with your pup wearing this multi-action hero dog costume. This hilarious outfit makes your dog look like it’s ready for a battle of delight and laughter.

It’s made with polyester for a more comfy pup wear experience. It comes with a body with stuffed arms, pant sleeves, attached foam bullet bandolier, belt and wig with ear holes for that buff action star look.

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9. Pupasaurus Rex Dog Costume

Pupasaurus Rex Dog Costume

It’s a rawr-riffic experience with your dog dressed in this pupasaurus rex costume. Make your pooch the cutest in the park, because this unique costume has a foam printed head piece, foam padded arms and tail for that realistic dinosaur look.

This small dog costume is easy to wear and it doesn’t inhibit your dog’s fun and active playtime movements.

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Why Your Dog Needs a Funny Costume

Fur parents understand that dogs in the household are more than just pets. They are part of the family. Dogs are called fur babies because that’s exactly what they are. Babies who need to be loved, fed, and also dressed up every now and then.

Dressing up dogs is a grand delight for various reasons. Firstly, because it’s so much fun to see what these small dogs look like in different costumes and as different characters. Who wouldn’t find a small dog dressed as a Disney princess cute, right?

Small dog in costume

Secondly, dress up becomes a wonderful time for a photo shoot. Photos of cute small dogs in fun costumes are of course super Instagram-worthy.

Next, more than being a fun experience for you, dressing up may even be more enjoyable for your dog. Dogs love being the talk of the town, they love the attention, and there’s nothing more noticeable than being dressed up like something straight out of a cartoon show. Dogs love it when their parents are having a hearty laugh and a great time while looking at them.

Finally, a dress up party with your pooch makes up for an awesome family bonding experience. Putting on creative costumes, especially on holidays like Halloween, are always fun, but having your dog participate makes the family experience even more memorable.


9 Funny dog costumes for small dogs


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