10 Funny Office Gag Gifts for Coworkers

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Last updated: November 10, 2020

The office is not usually a place designed for fun. it’s a by product of the industrial revolution, a space allocated to you to be the most productive, and where you are thrown together with a group of complete strangers to make it all work.

The reality is though, an office environment also needs a bit of fun in order to keep ourselves and our coworkers happy and more productive. And this is where entertaining office gag gifts can come in handy!

The Importance of Office Gag Gifts

Human beings are not robots, and whilst AI may be just around the corner to save us from our mind numbing jobs, we need to keep ourselves amused in the meantime.

So how do we do this? What KPIs do we need to achieve? Can we keep it within this quarters budget? Should we hold an all day brainstorming session this afternoon? Or just a never-ending email chain?

Ok, maybe let’s take our work hats off for a second. Let’s start thinking about effective ways to make work more fun.

Gag Gifts Bring Coworkers Together

Special occasions are one of the best opportunities to relax some of the tension in your office. And the best events usually revolve around birthdays, farewell and Christmas, when everyone stops to take a moment to remember that the people they work with are human beings too.

Cakes and decorations are great, but nothing brings fun to work (and awkwardness, and potentially a meeting with HR) like a silly gag gift for your workmate.

You may think that it’s super corny and a complete waste of time, but I think a really good one can actually make work a more relaxing and fun place to be.

A great gag gift will sit on a colleagues desk in a position of pride, and brings a little smirk or giggle from everybody who walks past, making everyone’s day a little brighter.

10 Entertaining Work Gag Gift Ideas

Of course, gag gifts aren’t for everyone, and there are definitely people in the company that you should always be a little cautious giving them to. The sensitive ones, or the ones with a short fuse. Every office has them, right?

But to give you some guidance, here are some great ideas for funny gag gifts to bring to work.

1. Pet Moody Cards

Pet Moody Cards

Let everyone around you in the office exactly know how you feel by choosing one of the 10 pet moody cards with the most hilarious dog pictures.

Whether you are angry, grumpy, hungover, sleepy, happy or scared, there is a card for almost all possible moods. Greet your colleagues, clients or guests with a great dose of humor and let the ice break.

Choose from 20 different pictures, whichever matches you mood best, and let your coworkers know about it. At least you can say that you’re giving people a warning!

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2. The Blah Button

The Blah Button

Press the infamous blah button when the urging need arises and be treated to a well deserved blah phrase.

The button provides 12 different blah phrases all spoken with a unique tone and emotion. This awesome little office gadget works wonders to put the non-stop talkers, the know-it-all’s and the pathological liars in their place.

The Blah button is simply the best way to escape from a boring conversation in a quick, discreet and fun manner.

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3. The BS Button

The BS Button

Similar to the blah button above, the BS button is a hugely effective way to call out those that tend to talk a little bit too much nonsense on a daily basis.

With the simple press of a button, you can make it very clear what you think of that nonsense story your coworker is trying to sell to you.

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4. Anger Management Coffee Mug

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Gift the Anger Management Coffee Mug to someone with a bad temper or a short fuse. Your boss? That annoying coworker sitting next to you? They may get upset, but at least they will get the message.

Or why not get one for yourself? Either to scare people away, so you can enjoy your morning coffee in peace and quiet, or because you just want to be a little bit different.

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5. Desktop Punching Bag

Desktop Punching Bag

We all feel like punching that super annoying coworker sometimes, but violence never really ends well. At the very least, you will get fired.

The solution to this is a punching ball that you can attach to your desk. Punch as hard and as many times as you like, without physically harming anyone.

It’s also a great office gag gift for that super aggressive coworker with a short fuse.

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6. The UNT Mug

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Some say the capital letters UNT in the print on this coffee mug stand for University of North Texas, but we are not so sure about that.

Because if you look at the UNT mug from a certain angle, or if you purposely point it to that special someone you have issues with, this mug suddenly gets a very different meaning.

We C what you did there…

In all seriousness though, the UNT mug makes for a great office gag gift, as long as the recipient has a good sense of humor. Bonus points if the recipient is a former student at University of North Texas.

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7. Shit List Pad

Shit List Pad

Do you have a coworker who is a notorious complainer? You know, the ones who can’t tolerate anything and prefer to isolate themselves from their colleagues just so they don’t need to get annoyed.

This shit list pad makes for a fun office gag gift for exactly that person. It allows them to keep track of offenders, their violations, and the plan of attack. Be careful though, they might take it very personal when receiving this gag gift.

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8. Office Desk Privacy Sign

Office Desk Privacy Sign

One of the drawbacks of working in a busy office environment, is that you get disturbed and distracted on a continuous basis. It just never ends.

Some people deal with this quite well, but others just don’t seem to be able to ever get used to this.

The solution to this problem is this wonderful office gag gift. It consists of two signs, one saying you can absolutely not be disturbed, the other one saying you are now available for random chit chatter.

This is a fun office gag gift for the sensitive coworker, the ones that often need quiet time in order to get things done.

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9. WTF Message Stamp

Office Desk Privacy Sign

Sometimes you disagree with a document or email so much that you all you want to do is scream the words WTF out loud.

Good news, because with this innovative stamp you can now let your true feelings know whenever you come across a document that you totally disagree with.

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10. Golden Douchebag Award

The Golden Douchebag Award is the perfect trophy for that very specific person who deserves to be recognized for his or her outstanding behavioral skills.

It’s a great gag gift for the office loudmouth, your boss who always makes you work late, or that pain-in-the-butt coworker who always manages to get on your nerves.

Golden douchebag award trophy

The definition of douchebag in the urban dictionary is somewhat harsh, so you must think very carefully about who you would like to hand this award to.

The Golden Douchebag Award can also work wonders as a Secret Santa gift. Laughs guaranteed, and everyone will be wondering who actually bought that gift.

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Final Thoughts

This list of funny gag gifts for work is just a taste of what else is out there, but surely you can find something for each of your colleagues (whatever their sense of humor may be). Whichever one you choose, remember to keep it nice, and if it’s for someone who is more senior than you, keep it extra nice!

Now, I can’t promise you that giving someone an awesome gift will automatically translate into a raise or a favour later down the track. However bringing some good cheer will definitely benefit your relationships with your team, as sharing a sense of humor helps to turn a stranger into a friend.


10 Funny office gag gift ideas

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