15 Funny Pillow Cases to Liven up Your Lounge Room

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Last updated: June 18, 2021

For most of us, a boring white pillow case is good enough to place our heads on for that much needed peace and quiet time. But for others, having a unique and funny pillow case is just as important as the quality of the bed or couch.

That’s right, there’s a huge market for pillow cases that are just a bit different, and I’ve picked my favorite 15 to show you how a funny pillow case can make all the difference to your lifestyle.

Top 15 Funny Pillow Cases

In no particular order, here are 15 ideas for weird, silly and funny pillow cases to spice up your bedroom, or your man cave, or your lounge room.

1. Giant Stash Pillow Case

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The giant stash pillow case is a dream come true for all pot smoking enthusiasts and supporters out there. How cool is it that you can sleep on top of your most precious substance, making sure no one walks away with it.

The realistic color print on this pillow case makes it look like a giant see-through bag of weed. It has a fully functional zipper top that looks and works exactly like a real ziplock. It’s even got a secret little compartment, ideal for hiding your favorite stash. Well, not really, but you get the point.

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2. No Drama Llama Pillow Case

No Drama Llama Pillow Case

Okay, so a weird looking no-drama type of llama wearing a trendy pair of glasses telling you to just be cool…

I know that doesn’t make a whole lot of sense, but you’d have to admit that the design of this unique pillow case is top notch.

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3. Dog Lover Pillow Case

Dog Lover Pillow Case

This one is for all the dog lovers amongst us. Dogs can be so much fun to have around, but they do require your love and attention at all times.

And this particular pillow case encapsulates that exact sentiment.

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4. Boss Cat Pillow Case

Boss Cat Pillow Case

Here’s another pillow case print design that doesn’t make any sense, but the less logic the better. A rather angry looking cat with a baguette in one paw, and a cup of black coffee in the other.

Enough said.

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5. Romantic Cats Pillow Case

Romantic Cats Pillow Case

If you had to name one memorable Hollywood movie scene, what would it be?

I don’t know about you, but my vote goes to Kate Winslet’s and Leonardo DiCaprio’s “I’m Flying” scene in Titanic.

What if you could have that exact same scene played out by two cats on your pillow? That’s right, this Catanic pillow case is something you need to have.

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6. Pineapple Pillow Case

Pineapple Pillow Case

Be a pineapple, wear a crown, stand tall, and be sweet on the inside. You could laugh about this, but there is so much wisdom hidden in this pillow case.

If we could all behave like pineapples, the world would be a better place!

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7. No Humans Allowed Pillow Case

No Humans Allowed Pillow Case

Here’s a great and direct way for your dog to set some ground rules inside the house. This pillow cover doubles as a fun conversation starter for you and your guests.

Show them who the boss is inside the house and have a few good laughs all at the very same time.

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8. Gaming Mode Activated Pillow Case

Gaming Mode Activated Pillow Case

Because door signs are overrated, here’s a throw pillow cover that keeps the distractions at bay while you get that much-needed video game play time.

This is a must-have for gamers who need to concentrate on winning the game without having to deal with any noisy brothers and sisters.

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9. Sound Mixer Pillow Case

Sound Mixer Pillow Case

If you have a passion for everything music, who says you cannot bring it over to the land of your dreams and fantasies?

This pillow case cover is made of soft and cozy polyester material that adds comfort to your rest. It is washable, too, so you can rest assured that it won’t trigger any allergies.

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10. Funny Couple Pillow Case Set

Funny Couple Pillow Case Set

Looking for a better way to tell your other half that you want (or don’t want) to get intimate without saying it? This pillow cover is the solution to your problem!

Funny yet straightforward, it comes gift-ready for couples and can be purchased as a present for bridal showers, weddings, anniversaries, Valentine’s, lingerie parties, and even bachelorette and stag parties.

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11. Space Laser Cat Pillow Case

Space Laser Cat Pillow Case

A cat in space and with laser eyes doesn’t make a lot of sense, but it’s an awesome gift idea for all the cat lovers out there.

The graphics are superb, the fabric is super soft, and the workmanship is something you can be sure will last a long while. It’s great for everyone who needs a deep, restorative sleep.

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12. Potterhead Pillow Case

Potterhead Pillow Case

Keep your inner Potterhead alive with this decorative pillow case cushion cover! Inspired from the series revolving around The Boy Who Lived, this charming pillow case conjures up some coziness for every muggle and wizard who loves to read.

The quote is printed only on one side, but the case makes for an amazing addition to your Harry Potter collectibles.

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13. Battle of Remote Controls Pillow Case

Battle of Remote Controls Pillow Case

If you are a gamer who loves puns, this full-sized single pillow case made from 100% cotton is an excellent choice. Enjoy a silky smooth and extremely comfortable sleeping experience every night when you use it to wrap up your pillows.

Not only is the print fun and hilarious, but the cover also adds a refreshing atmosphere to your room.

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14. Cats Selfie Pillow Case

Cats Selfie Pillow Case

Just when you thought your day couldn’t get any better, here’s a throw pillow case with two cats, all smiles, taking a selfie with a selfie stick.

This handmade piece of art might be the missing piece to your plain and dull living room couch.

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15. Caffeine Monday Pillow Case

Caffeine Monday Pillow Case

It may seem like Monday is the least liked day of the week. But not anymore with this pillow cover with a double-sided print of a cute dog taking a caffeine boost to kickstart its day.

Dress up your throw pillows with this cover and say goodbye to dragging Mondays.

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Why Buy a Funny Pillow Case?

Let’s start with a quick quiz: If you were escaping a house fire, what would be the one item you would take with you?

A: Your pet
B: Your grandfather’s war medals
C: Family photo album
D: Your life-size Kendall Jenner-shaped body pillow

If you selected D, there is a good chance you’re reading the right article.

A funny pillow case is not something you see very often on the pages of Vogue Living, but a stylish home is all about personality, not just following the trends.

Can you think of any other place in your home (except maybe your shower, but I’ve got a whole other article on that) that is more intimate than your bed? It’s that one space you go to when you need to be comforted when you want to feel like your true and best self.

Colorful pillow on couch

Why shouldn’t your bed or lazy couch remind you of the important things in life? Nothing gets me more energized in the morning than waking up to a terrible bed-related pun, or that I am the best in the world at something, even if there is no other evidence that backs up this statement.

Sharing Is Caring

Another important reason for investing in silly pillow cases is that only the best people should be allowed to join you in bed or on the couch. So if you’re terrible at pillow talk or just communication in general, maybe greeting them with a fabulous pillow case will be a not so subtle invitation to something more than just talking.

I’m pretty sure if Kendall ever got the chance to see her face printed on 500 thread count, how could she resist?

Your delicate head is already exhausted from the demands of the day, so bedtime is precious, and so is lazy lounging on the couch. Which is why a funny, or otherwise silly, pillow case is so important.

Final Thoughts

If you don’t want to waste any more energy on verbal communication, let your pillows do the talking for you. Whether it’s just for you and your partner, your dog or Kendall, your bed is an exclusive and luxurious club.

It should reflect your true style and innermost thoughts, and as you drift off to sleep you will feel at peace surrounded by printed reminders that you are, indeed, “classy AF”.


15 Funny pillow cases to liven up your lounge room


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