5 Funny and Quirky Shot Glasses You Need Today

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Last updated: January 6, 2020

Shots. That dreaded word. Nothing else can really turn a night upside down, or make you see someone in a totally new light.

As a result, manufacturing funny and quirky shot glasses is a whole industry in itself, and the choices are endless.

The Importance of Funny Shot Glasses

Shot glasses are of course a great way to get any party started. But there are also shot glasses that capture the essence of a person’s personality, whether it’s your football loving best friend or your cat lady colleague.

Others are a reminder of a special moment in time. Like, that insane bucks night at the tiki bar, the quiet farewell drinks that ended in a massive pillow fight in your boss’s apartment, or grandma’s 80th birthday (don’t judge me, it was her idea).

Shot glasses on a table

A great shot glass can also make for a collector’s item. Is there a movie or TV show that you really love? There will be a shot glass for that. A cartoon character that you grew up with? You can immortalize that memory with a shot glass.

Shot glasses as travel souvenirs are always a great gift too, because you can always find a shot glass that presents the culture of a place in a really ridiculous way, or is totally lost in translation.

But remember, that’s a gift for your adult self, not the child within. We don’t condone underage drinking on this website.

5 Quirky Shot Glasses to Help Break the Ice

There is a weird and wonderful shot glass out there for everyone, which makes for the perfect gift or souvenir.

If you’re in need of some inspiration to get you started, here is a list of some seriously weird and quirky shot glasses.

1. Mini Toilet Shot Glasses

These two cute little mini toilet shot glasses will make your party shots flush down just that little bit easier. If you are going to end the night with your head in the toilet, you may as well start the night that way.

Mini Toilet Shot Glasses

This set of high quality, detail painted, ceramic toilet shot glasses makes a great gag gift and will surely be the cause of a few good laughs at your next party.

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2. Mason Jar Shot Glasses With Lids

Totally unrelated, yet very important fun fact:

The good old mason jar, a molded glass jar used for preserving food, was named after and invented by John Landis Mason in 1858. John Mason was an American tinsmith who also invented the salt shaker.

Mason Jar Shot Glasses With Lids

Now, what if you could drink your shots from mini mason jars, complete with silver lids? That’s right, you can now purchase a set of 8 small mason jars, perfect for drinking shots at parties and weddings.

These quirky shot glasses even have white seals on the inside of the lid so that they don’t leak. So you’re not just buying a set of really cool shot glasses, you’re also buying quality!

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3. Moscow Mule Shot Glasses

Made with 100% genuine copper on the outside, this set of 4 Moscow Mule shot glasses are designed to impress, to break the ice, and to really get that party started the right way.

Moscow Mule Shot Glasses

The stainless steel interior makes sure that these shot glasses will last a lifetime, not to mention the brass handle which makes it super easy to hold and empty the glass like it’s a real mug.

In case you were wondering what a Moscow Mule actually is, it’s a unique cocktail made with vodka, spicy ginger beer, and lime juice, typically served in a copper mug.

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4. Collapsible Shot Glass

It’s not easy to stay classy at all times, especially when there is alcohol involved. But with the fancy stainless steel collapsible shot glass you can not only take the ritual of drinking shots to the next level, you can also remain classy. Very classy.

Collapsible Shot Glass

The great thing about this super cool shot glass is that it expands and collapses so easily. When expanded, the rings snap into place to ensure the glass won’t leak when filled with your favorite alcoholic beverage.

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5. Shot Roulette Drinking Game

Raise the stakes to new levels with the Shot Roulette Drinking Game!

This awesome party game changer brings the casino experience home, while serving shots to all the lucky winners. Nothing gets a party going like drinking shots, and with Shot Roulette, everybody wins with 16 glasses to play with.

Shot Roulette Drinking Game

The rules for the shot roulette game are very simple. The glasses are even color coordinated in black and red. Each shot glass, either black or red, has 2 numbers.

You place your bets with your shot glass, give the roulette wheel a good spin and if the ball stops on your number and color… You are the lucky winner and get to drink the shot!

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Final Thoughts

This list could go on forever, but I’m gonna call it now as the responsible server of content that I am.

Hopefully you gained some deep and insightful knowledge into the fascinating world of quirky shot glasses. Or at the very least you found a payback gift for that terrible secret Santa gift Steve from IT gave you last year.

Until next time, fireballs anyone?


5 Funny and quirky shot glasses

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