7 Funny and Unique Car Seat Covers

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Last updated: June 20, 2021

Most of us buy cars based on what they look like. We want the latest fancy models that match our lifestyles, cars that we want to be seen in.

But the inside of a car should be considered just as important as the outside. After all, we need to be inside the car to actually use it.

And one very effective way to spice up the inside of your car is by buying a set of funny and unique car seat covers.

Top 7 Funny Car Seat Covers

With so many different types of car seat covers to choose from, we’ve shortlisted 7 of the funniest and most unique car seat covers for you.

1. Sloth Print Car Seat Covers

Sloth Print Car Seat Covers

How about a daily dose of positive mantra to jumpstart your early morning drive? This set of adorable sloth-printed car seat covers will always remind you to stay calm and relaxed while driving.

With this design, your car will easily become your personal zen place whenever you feel a bit stressed, and get that smile back onto your face when you most need it.

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2. Boston Terrier Print Car Seat Cover

Boston Terrier Print Car Seat Cover

For dog lovers out there, here’s the car seat cover design for you! It’s made with high-quality polyester making it durable and skid resistant. What makes this stand out is its colorful and irresistible pooch design which is a must-have for car owners who are also fur parents.

Installation can be done in just a few minutes with its elastic strap with hooks. Convenient and cute, this seat protector design has it all.

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3. Funny Giraffe Design Car Seat Cover

Funny Giraffe Design Car Seat Cover

Bring the safari fun inside your car with this hilarious giraffe-designed seat cover. This playful print elevates your car’s personality, making all road trips fun and exciting.

It transforms your car’s interior from boring to awesome instantly, as it’s so quick to install. It’s made with breathable fabric giving that comfortable experience, perfect for both long and short drives.

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4. Sunflower and Cactus Printed Car Seat Cover Protectors

Sunflower and Cactus Printed Car Seat Cover Protectors

Need a stylish and fun reminder to get the most out of life? This set of car seat covers has got you covered. It features a trendy cactus and sunflower design, great for plant enthusiasts who love to bring a touch of their hobbies inside their cars.

This seat protector is made with polyester and spandex for comfort and durability. It also makes a great gift for your family and friends.

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5. Jumping Beagle Print Car Seat Cover

Jumping Beagle Print Car Seat Cover

Because we know you can’t get enough of awesome dog-printed seat covers, here’s another one for you. Look forward to hopping inside your car and get to see this adorable pooch design on your car seat just waiting to make your everyday drive a little more exciting.

This seat cover is made with skid-resistant and durable polyester fabric, ensuring the maximum preservation of your front car seats’ condition.

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6. Hippie Van Car Seat Covers

Hippie Van Car Seat Covers

It’s time to bring out that free-spirited and positive energy with this colorful hippie van-designed car seat cover. The design features various vector shapes and swirls surrounding an funky hippie van in the middle.

This cool printed seat protector has an elastic fastening system for that snug and secure fit on your car seats. No doubt, this seat cover is an instant happy pill.

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7. Dolphin Car Accessories Set

Dolphin Car Accessories Set

It’s an amazing under the sea experience with this set of dolphin-printed car accessories. One complete set comes with two car seat covers, two seat belt cover pads, center console armrest lid pad, and a steering wheel cover.

Say goodbye to wet backs during long drives because all covers are made with breathable polyester and neoprene fabric. It’s comfort and style all packed into one set.

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Why You Need to Cover up Your Car Seats

It has been said that cars are often a reflection of our personalities. Many car owners choose to personalize their vehicles to create a more appealing look. They customize their cars with special paint, special alloy wheels, steering wheel covers, you name it.

A set of unique car seat covers is also a good way to customize the look and feel of your car. But they aren’t just there for aesthetic reasons, they are of course very useful too.

Bright car seats

Car seat covers provide added protection and keep your car seats like they’re brand new. They protect against damage due to dust, spillage, and so many other things that can ruin the look of your car seats. Overall, they make your cars look clean and more interesting.


Covers are offered in different materials. Some are made with polyester materials, others with leather or nylon. Most importantly, choose covers that are durable, comfortable, and breathable. Also make sure that they’re easy to install and remove.

What’s great is that seat covers don’t need to be boring. They are available in fun and playful styles and colors, which allows you to choose a set that best fits your personality.


Funny and unique car seat covers


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