9 Funny and Unusual Slippers for Adults to Keep Your Feet Warm

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Do you have a favorite item from your childhood? Maybe a special gift that someone gave you, or something you found but could never bring yourself to give up. Do you still have it today?

For me, that item is my pair of lucky sheep slippers. They are as sexy as they sound, like giant clown shoes with a cute little sheep face on the front. Those silly slippers got me through countless late-night assignments and cramming sessions before exams.

This is why I’ve gone out and handpicked 9 funny and unusual slippers for adults that can make life at home so much more enjoyable.

Why You Need Special Slippers

Later in life, those slippers helped me transition into full-time adulting. There was nothing else that would bring me more relief from the stresses of everyday life than sliding my toes straight into those warm comfy shoes and opening a bottle of red.

But why did they work? What’s so magical about a pair of slippers?

From Cinderella to Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz, slippers seem to have become this symbol of transformation. According to these stories, the right pair of shoes can turn you into a different person, a more powerful and attractive version of yourself.

House slippers

Do you long to feel bigger and stronger? What’s bigger and stronger than a bear? A giant, hairy pair of bear paws on your feet will definitely make you feel like you own the room.

Do you feel the need for speed? Why not get a pair of fast foxes or racy rabbits on your feet to take you up from the couch to the fridge at lightning-fast speed.

Or what about having the ability to fly? Imagine sailing away above the clouds by standing on a pair of pink winged unicorns.

Okay, maybe that last one is a bit of a stretch, but my point is that a pair of awesome slippers can really change your mood and mindset.

9 Funny and Unusual Slippers for Adults

In no particular order, here are 9 ideas for weird, quirky and funny slippers to get you started on finding the perfect pair.

1. Freudian Slippers

Freudian Slippers

Have you ever wanted to know what it feels like to walk in Sigmund Freud‘s footsteps? Now is your chance by wearing these plush and incredibly comfy Freudian Slippers. They even come with built-in sock tongues!

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2. Totoro Slippers

Totoro Slippers

Keep your feet nice and warm with these soft, fluffy and comfortable Totoro slippers. At home, at night, all you want to do is relax on the couch, watch a bit of TV, read a book, and perhaps enjoy a glass of wine. You could wear your favorite comfortable clothes, or perhaps your pyjamas, but your feet are important too.

This is where a pair of Totoro slippers come to the rescue. Trust us when we say that these slippers are like a five-star resort for you feet.

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3. Rottweiler Slippers

Rottweiler Slippers

This pair of slippers with a picture perfect Rottweiler face at the front are quite literally the perfect gift for the dog-lover in your circle of friends and relatives. These slippers don’t just look good, they also have a comfortable foam foot bed that surrounds your feet, keeping them nicely supported, as you drink your camomile tea in the lounge room.

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4. Lion Head Slippers

Lion Head Slippers

If dogs aren’t really your thing, perhaps a pair of lion head slippers would suit you better. Made with polyester plush fabric, these slippers will certainly keep your feet warm during the cold winter months.

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5. Zombie Plush Slippers

Zombie Plush Slippers

Turn into a real zombie by tucking your feet in these fun looking zombie plush slippers. They come with handy silicone anti-slip design soles, so you won’t slip when out chasing humans.

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6. Sneaker Slippers

Sneaker Slippers

I won’t recommend going outside for a run with these sneaker slippers, but they will definitely keep your feet warm and comfortable when lounging at home. Available in various different colors, these slippers are lighweight, durable and warm.

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7. Poop Emoji Slippers

Poop Emoji Slippers

With so many different emojis we can choose from on our smartphones, why would we pick poop emojis as the design for our next pair of slippers? Well, because they not only look fantastic, they are also super warm and comfortable.

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8. Unicorn Plush Slippers

Unicorn Plush Slippers

While these unicorn slippers may appeal most to children, they are in fact also available in adult sizes. The glittering golden horn and bright pink mane make all the difference!

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9. Bear Paw Slippers

Bear Paw Slippers

Did we save the best for last? Featuring gripped soles, a padded foot bed and a super fun design, this set of bear paw slippers is a winner for both children as well as for adults.

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Final Thoughts

I hope this list of funny and unusual slippers has given you some inspiration for your next transformation.

Adult life can be a real struggle, but a big, fluffy, juicy pair of slippers can help to soften the blow and give your feet a little escape from carrying the weight of the world.

And if you’re undecided, why not try on a few different pairs? it doesn’t hurt to experiment a little, in both your footwear and in life.


9 Funny and unusual slippers for adults

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