19 Funny and Weird Shower Curtains to Liven up Your Bathroom

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Last updated: June 16, 2021

Are you a morning shower person? Or do you prefer that clean and warm feeling before you climb into bed in the evening?

A good shower can make you feel brand new, ready to take on the day ahead, or wash away all the negative vibes from the day that’s been. Whatever time of day you prefer, a long and warm shower can help clear the mind and make you feel more relaxed.

But that shower can be even more enjoyable when you have a funny, quirky, crazy or even ridiculous shower curtain. Which is why we’ve come up with a list of 19 weird shower curtains that can instantly liven up your bathroom.

Top 19 Weird Shower Curtains

In no particular order, here are 19 ideas for weird and quirky shower curtains that can completely liven up your bathroom.

1. Funny Bathing Kitten Shower Curtain

Funny Bathing Kitten Shower Curtain

Let’s kick off this list of funny shower curtains with perhaps the cutest of them all. Made with 100% polyester, this fully waterproof shower curtain with 3D designer artwork print can instantly give your bathroom a completely new look.

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2. Scary Blood Bath Shower Curtain

Scary Blood Bath Shower Curtain

The blood bath shower curtain looks like every other shower curtain when it’s all scrunched up. But when you pull it open, it looks as if you stepped into that famous scene from Psycho. Bold and bright red blood smeared hand prints make it seem as if someone is trying to claw their way out of your shower.

The bloody shower curtain is perfect for any horror movie fans and would also make an excellent addition to any bachelor pad. Now you can get that cool horror movie look and feel without actually having to go and get your bathroom all bloody! Shower time has never been this fun before.

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3. Surfing Bear Shower Curtain

Surfing Bear Shower Curtain

I know, I know. A bear surfing on shark, while shooting with a machine gun doesn’t make any sense whatsoever. But wow, the print is a real piece of art. The attention to detail on this shower curtain is amazing, and that alone makes this product a great purchase.

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4. Classy Pin Up Girl Shower Curtain

Classy Pin Up Girl Shower Curtain

The perfect gift for a male student or hipster artist, the painting of a sexy pin up girl getting ready to swim on a shower curtain is surely going to impress!

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5. Funny Bathing Dinosaur Shower Curtain

Funny Bathing Dinosaur Shower Curtain

This funny shower curtain stands out, with its 3D print of a dinosaur seemingly popping its head out of the shower around the curtain. The vibrant colors, attention to detail, and the uniqueness of the artwork, make this shower curtain a hit.

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6. Just Get Naked Shower Curtain

Just Get Naked Shower Curtain

Before heading into the shower, one needs to get naked. And that’s exactly what this shower curtain is telling you to do. In very clear words!

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7. Dog Is Love Shower Curtain

Dog Is Love Shower Curtain

A dog truly is a man’s best friend, and what better way to acknowledge the love dogs can give us than to have it printed life-size on your shower curtain. A great gift for children as well as for adults who love dogs.

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8. Black and White Sloth Portrait Shower Curtain

Black and White Sloth Portrait Shower Curtain

A portrait of a smiling sloth is another example of a unique artwork. Made with eco-friendly and waterproof polyester fabric, this somewhat weird shower curtain is a great decoration piece for any bathroom.

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9. Funny Cat Go Away Shower Curtain

Funny Cat Go Away Shower Curtain

This quirky shower curtain with a cat telling and gesturing you to go away is the perfect gift for the cat lover. Available in various sizes, this shower curtain with white, grey and black design will surely put a smile on your face each time you head into the shower.

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10. Smokey Mountain Cliff Shower Curtain

Smokey Mountain Cliff Shower Curtain

Where else do you need magic and relaxation the most than in the bathroom where you just want to your time to calm down from a hectic day’s work? This shower curtain is a sight to behold if you want to reminisce idyllic times, or just want to feel like you’re in a tranquil place away from the busy city life.

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11. Sea Turtle Shower Curtain

Sea Turtle Shower Curtain

Who said you can’t set your inner artist free when you’re in the shower? Underwater creatures make a fine spectacle with this stunning sea turtle shower curtain. Vibrant with colors and waterproof, it lights up your shower room in an instant, and adds a zen feeling that will leave you scrambling to take in the full beauty of your bathroom.

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12. Bow Tie Textured Shower Curtain

Bow Tie Textured Shower Curtain

Bow ties in your bathroom? Why not? These cascades of hand-crafted bow ties let you make a style statement, as guests can’t help but admire them when they see this curtain. The incredibly detailed decor adds a touch of luxury and charm to your shower, so get ready to get wowed yourself when you buy this for your bathroom.

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13. Colorful Octopus Shower Curtain

Colorful Octopus Shower Curtain

Not many people can boast having an octopus play with bubbles in their shower while they are out enjoying bath time, but that’s exactly what you can brag to your guests and friends when you purchase this colorful octopus shower curtain made of fabric! Can you just imagine the look on their faces when they finally see your bathroom pet?

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14. Cool Llama SUP Shower Curtain

Cool Llama SUP Shower Curtain

Why settle for a plain and boring shower curtain when you can have a llama guarding you as you soak away all your worries and stress in the shower? Specially treated to be water-repellent and soap-resistant, this cute, sunglasses-wearing llama seems to pull off an intimidating vibe that will keep unwanted visitors away from you during your precious bath time.

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15. Alpaca Blowing Bubbles Shower Curtain

Alpaca Blowing Bubbles Shower Curtain

Ever heard of an alpaca learning to blow bubbles in someone’s bathroom? Well, it’s actually a pretty adorable sight. And you’re going to know just how overloaded with cuteness the view is when this shower curtain puts a can’t-be-helped-it’s-too-cute smile on your face the moment you see this waterproof decor hanging in your bathroom or shower stall.

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16. Funny Bathroom Rules Shower Curtain

Funny Bathroom Rules Shower Curtain

What better way to add a dash of brightness to a dull bathroom than to buy this hilarious shower curtain set? Bring happiness to every bathroom trip and leave your guests chuckling even while they sit upon the throne. Even your own pets will have no choice but to be fooled into learning your bathroom rules from the genuine-looking animals.

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17. Huge Peeking Dog Shower Curtain

Huge Peeking Dog Shower Curtain

A huge dog’s head on a shower curtain might seem completely out of the ordinary for most homeowners. However, if you are a canine lover who loves a good laugh, the picture of a dog looking astonished as they take a peek at your otherwise naked body while you’re inside the shower stall or bathroom should brighten your day.

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18. Halloween Pumpkins Shower Curtain

Halloween Pumpkins Shower Curtain

Jack-o’-lanterns taking the shape of a creepy snowman might seem unnatural to some, but this Halloween shower curtain is the perfect addition to your set up for a candle-lit bath. Or, if you are throwing a Halloween-themed party, the Halloween pumpkins, magic hat, and ghost broom should complete the feel for a terrifying and memorable Halloween.

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19. Streaking Santa Shower Curtain

Streaking Santa Shower Curtain

Think about it. All work and no play can make the busiest time of the year overwhelming for even Santa Claus. So, he himself must take some time off for a vacation, right? Then what are you waiting for? This shower curtain reminds you to take your own time and be young, wild, and free, before Santa comes to town.

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Why You Need a Unique Shower Curtain

Ever since the invention of showers, us humans have been searching for ways to make bathing a private and pleasant ritual. If your shower isn’t in the best of shapes, and a full reno is out of your budget, a brand new shower curtain can make all the difference. You may be looking at your current one, and thinking how replacing that moldy sheet of plastic is going to change your world, but let me explain.

Most shower curtains are pretty sterile, they come either in a plain white or hospital blue color, that doesn’t really make you feel at home. Therefore, if you can find one that really reflects your personality, then you will see that your little shower is transformed into a fun and inviting corner of your home.

Shower curtain in bathroom

There are some really quirky and funny shower curtains out there, that will make you giggle every time you step in, and keep you entertained as you shower. Your guests and your kids will love it too. It’s always a bit awkward to shower at someone else’s place, so if you can hang a fun curtain that shows them that you’re not afraid to share your sense of humor, it helps to break the ice.

Think your landlord or your agent will object? Keep a plain boring one around as a backup, or live on the edge and leave your weird curtain up during your next inspection. And if you can’t make up your mind which curtain to get, why not get one of each? You will be smiling every day of the week!

In short, there are lots of reasons to get rid of your old and boring shower curtain, and replace it with one that has a little character and puts a smile on your face. A funny shower curtain may seem like a strange renovation idea, but sometimes a small change is as good as a holiday. Adding a personal touch is what makes a house feel like a home, and it’s an easy fix to implement.


19 Funny and weird shower curtains


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