6 Headphones That Are Better Than Beats by Dre

Headphones better than Beats by Dre

The Beats By Dre brand has been through an enormous growth sprint since its inception more than a decade ago. Beats headphones have been hugely popular from the start, partly because of their sleek design and effective marketing strategy.

But are they actually any good? And how do they compare to similar and lower priced alternative headphones?

Before we list our 6 favorite headphones better than Beats, let’s have a closer look at the history behind Beats By Dre and their current range of headphones.

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Best GoPro Poles and Selfie Sticks

Best GoPro poles and selfie sticks

The popularity of GoPro cameras has exploded around the world enormously in the last few years. You can mount them on whatever surface, bike, board or hold them yourself.

Our arms can only reach so far, so for that perfect action shot you need to have a suitable GoPro pole.

This is why we’ve had a look at the best GoPro poles and selfie sticks currently available on the market to help you in your research.

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The Knockout Beer Bong

Knockout beer bong

The Knockout beer bong is a party device specifically engineered to consume beer as fast as possible.

That sounds very scientific, and it is, but most of all it’s designed to be fun.

I know what you’re thinking, how could a beer bottle bong get any better than it is? Well, prepare to be surprised!

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Collapsible Shot Glass

Collapsible shot glass

It’s not easy to stay classy at all times, especially when alcohol is involved.

But with the fancy stainless steel collapsible shot glass you can take the ritual of drinking shots to the next level and be very classy.

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The Robot USB Flash Drive

The Robot USB Flash Drive

The robot USB flash drive is a metal memory stick that features a cute little robot that just can’t wait to pull its head off to hold your all your important data.

The robot’s head, which is also the flash drive cap, is attached to the body via two arms so you won’t lose it that easily.

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