Gag Gifts

The purpose of a gag gift is mainly to trigger a good laugh. Therefore gag gifts work best when given to someone with authority, like your manager, a teacher, or your parents-in-law. Be careful though, because you may be running a bit of a risk, depending on the type of gag gift. So make sure you give them something useful too, just in case they don’t see the joke. Here is our collection of awesome gag gifts.

Golden Douchebag Award

Golden douchebag award trophy

The Golden Douchebag Award is the perfect trophy for that very specific person who deserves to be recognized for his or her outstanding behavioral skills.

Browsing through the various options of online gifts can be very confusing at times. You just never know if a particular gift will make that special person happy.

But what to do with the office loudmouth, or your boss who always makes you work late, or the pain-in-the-butt brother in law, or anyone else that gets on your nerves?

We have found the perfect gift for that particular person. The Golden Douchebag Trophy!

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UNT Mug (University of North Texas)

UNT Mug (university of north texas coffee mug)

Some say the capital letters UNT in the print on the UNT mug stand for University of North Texas, but we are actually not so sure about that.

Because if you look at the UNT mug from a certain angle, or if you purposely point it to that special someone you have issues with, this mug suddenly gets a very different meaning.

We C what you did there…

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Canned Unicorn Meat

Canned Unicorn Meat

Why not try something different for dinner tonight? Canned unicorn meat is an excellent source of sparkles and offers guaranteed magic in every single bite.

Canned unicorn meat is now up for sale to gift to a loved one with a very meaty appetite. This can of juicy unicorn meat is a fun gift which is sure to catch your receiver’s attention.

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Weed Pillow Case (For Some Real Comfort)

Weed pillow case

The giant weed pillow case is a dream come true for all pot smoking enthusiasts and marijuana legalization supporters out there.

This marijuana pillowcase with a realistic color print looks like a giant see-through bag of weed.

How cool is it that you can sleep on top of your most precious substance, making sure no one walks away with it.

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Calorie Counting Wine Glass

Calorie counting wine glass

If you’re the kind of person that likes to know exactly how many calories they’re drinking, then the Calorie Counting Wine Glass is absolutely perfect for you!

This glass is great if you are conscious of your health and don’t like to overindulge.

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Bloody Shower Curtain

Bloody shower curtain

Everyone that has ever owned a shower curtain in their life knows how boring or just plain ugly they can be.

Well, all that’s about to change with the coolest shower curtain ever invented!

If you’re in college and want to make an impression, then you’ll want the bloody shower curtain.

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Mini Toilet Shot Glasses

Toilet shot glasses

These two cute little mini toilet shot glasses will make your party shots flush down just that little bit easier.

If you are going to end the night with your head in the toilet, you may as well start the night that way.

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