10 Great Gift Ideas for Aspiring Young Writers

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Last updated: June 18, 2021

Writers are a special kind of people. They often spend hours, days, weeks, or even months in solitude, trying to produce entertaining, educational, thought-provoking, fictional or even exciting content for us word-hungry readers.

It’s a somewhat difficult, often underestimated profession, that requires a unique set of skills and also a certain type of personality in order to be successful.

This list of thoughtful gift ideas for aspiring young writers comes from the heart, as I am also an aspiring writer. Perhaps not a very good one just yet, but hey, I will get there at some point.

We can all imagine how difficult and time-consuming writing can be, which is another reason why it’s important to think about gifts for writers that can make their lives and jobs easier.

Top 10 Gift Ideas for Aspiring Writers

While this list of cool gift ideas for writers may not be exhaustive, it will hopefully give you more than enough ideas to find the perfect gift for the writer in your life.

You’ll find gifts here that are not only useful, but also gifts that are just plain fun. Let’s kick off with perhaps the most important gift for a writer.

1. Time

Okay, this one may sound a but cheeky, but time is actually extremely important to writers. Fair enough, we all need time to do what we need to do, but this is especially true for writers as they require long hours of concentration to get the right set of words on paper.

So how can you give the gift of time to a writer?

There are different ways to make a writer happy by giving them time. One way to do this is to give them a writer’s retreat. This can be as simple as a weekend getaway at the coast where they can write in peace and quiet.

Another way to give a writer the gift of time is to make everyday household work easier for them. Perhaps introduce them to a good cleaning service? They can save loads of time if they don’t need to worry about cleaning the house.

2. A Classy Pen

Even though most writers, or people in general, use laptops and desktops for their writing work, there are still lots of aspiring writers out there who prefer to manually write things down. A lot of writers will always have a pen with them, just so that they can quickly write ideas down that randomly pop up in their heads.

A Classy Pen

A classy pen can also be a status symbol, just like some people prefer to drive a certain car over another car. A writer may actually not use a pen all that often, but it still symbolizes the respectful profession of writing.

To make a pen even more of a personal item, you can choose to include an engraving with the name of the writer. A pen with an engraving would make that birthday gift extra special.

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3. A Special Coffee Mug

It may be a bit of a cliche, but writers do drink loads of coffee and/or tea all day. Or is that really just a myth?

Regardless, a good writer will need a special coffee mug that will suit his or her profession or style. After all, they need to spend hours behind their laptops, computer screens, or even typewriters.

A Special Coffee Mug

There are also coffee mugs that are just plain funny without going too deep with emotional values. Writers often do have a good sense of humor too (believe it or not!), so I’m sure they’ll appreciate a coffee mug that doesn’t take their profession too seriously.

A good coffee mug can become somewhat of a buddy who is always there to serve him or her the best drinks. And just like with a classy pen, an original coffee mug helps to define the writer.

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4. A Fancy Water Bottle

Okay this one is very important. Why? Because we all need to hydrate throughout the day and, sadly, writers all too often forget to do this. They drink their coffee or tea, but they stubbornly forget to drink water while they’re working on their next blog post or news article.

A Fancy Water Bottle

So if you intend on buying that cool coffee mug for the writer in your life, make sure you also get them a quality water bottle. One that lasts, one that stands out, one that is actually cool to have and easy to refill.

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5. Whiskey

Yes, whiskey. But only for the writers in your life who you know can control themselves.

A fine glass of whiskey in the evening can actually do wonders for the writers’ mind. Writers deserve a break, and once they find themselves in an undesired situation of minor writers’ block, that tiny glass of alcoholic goodness can get them back in writing action in no time.

Trust me, it helps.

A Bottle of Whiskey

Now, you don’t necessarily need to go straight to the liquor store around the corner to find the best bottle of whiskey.

You could also consider buying something more original, such as a fancy liquor dispenser, a weirdly shaped decanter, or a classy old-fashioned whiskey glass.

That would probably make for a better gift for that writer who you know likes a fine alcoholic beverage every now and then.

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6. An Ergonomic Gift

More than ever before, ergonomics are extremely important. As research has proven for many years, sitting behind a computer all day, with the wrong posture and the wrong equipment, can actually lead to long-lasting physical problems.

An ergonomic mouse or an ergonomic keyboard can go a long way in preventing these issues. Especially for a writer, or any office worker for that matter, it’s crucial to keep ergonomics in mind at all times.

An Ergonomic Keyboard

What also works really well is a full body massage. If your writer friend, husband or wife is spending way too much time in their offices writing, surprise them with a massage voucher.

A good massage, when done regularly, not only helps to relieve the neck, back and shoulders, it can also give them a mental break from writing. They’ll come out of the massage feeling refreshed, and they’ll be way more productive. If you think they’ll resist a massage, simply go together!

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7. A Writer’s Journal

Some may say that journals are out of fashion, past tense, done and dusted, gone forever. But I dare to disagree.

Despite the fact that laptops, iPads and mobile phones have pretty much wiped out the concept of pen and paper, journals are still very popular among writers. And not just writers from the older generation, or the old-fashioned ones.

A Writer's Journal

In fact, I have a feeling that manually writing stuff, with pen and paper, in a journal, has actually been making a comeback in recent years. But before you go out buying a journal or a Moleskine, make sure that the writer in your life is actually someone who does still enjoy using an old-school journal to do his work.

You could certainly ask, but rather than spoiling the surprise, simply keep an eye on their habits while out and about. Are they always using their phones? Do you never see them carrying a bag around other than a gym or shopping bag?

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8. A Stylish Laptop Case

Writers need to be able to easily carry their laptops around as they are often on the go. That’s also the beauty of writing, you can essentially write anywhere you like, whenever you want.

Okay, that may sound a bit unrealistic, as most writers really just sit in boring offices all day like most of us, but let’s assume for the moment that writers need to be mobile at all times.

A Stylish Laptop Case

So the typical writer needs a decent laptop case. And not one of those standard, middle-of-the-road, black bags. No, a good writer needs a stylish looking laptop case, one that’s also useful and above all very robust.

The above classy, 100% genuine leather, laptop case with 6 pockets and compartments can carry all your notes, files and mobile phone with you in one and the same bag.

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9. Comfortable Clothes for at Home

A lot of writers are also freelancers, and as such they often work from home. Sure, even at home you can dress up in office clothes if that makes you more productive. But honestly, when working from home, we want to clothes that are comfortable and loose.

Comfortable Pajamas for at Home

If the writer you are buying a gift for usually works from home, they will surely appreciate a comfortable pair of pajamas, pants, or perhaps a nice sweater or shirt.

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10. A Home Decoration Gift

It’s important for a writer to work in a room that gives them the inspiration to jot down the right words in their next master piece.

A Writer's Home Decoration Gift

Some writers just need a desk and a computer, others like to have a bit of decoration in their offices. Serious ones, but also not so serious ones.

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Final Thoughts

Writers can sometimes be hard to please, but hopefully this list of gift ideas for aspiring writers is a good starting point for you to get that perfect gift for the writer in your life.

Writers enjoy being somewhat unique, both in life as well as in their writing style. Make sure that the gift you buy for that writer suits his or her lifestyle. Don’t just go mainstream, instead make him or her stand out, without going overboard.

Books, blurbs, columns, blog posts, we all love reading stuff each and every day. That’s why we need to look after our writers so they can keep feeding us hungry readers with things to read. Finding that awesome and thoughtful gift creates a win-win situation, because a happy writer means a happy reader!


10 Gift ideas for aspiring writers


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