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Cool and Unique Novelty Tea Infusers

Novelty tea infusers: Mister tea silicone tea infuser

Most of us love a nice warm cup of tea in the afternoon to refresh and revitalize. Some use tea bags, others use fresh tea leaves. This whole afternoon tea routine can actually be so much more fun if we used tea infusers that were just a bit different.

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Funny Salt and Pepper Shakers

Funny salt and pepper shakers: toilet and urinal salt and pepper shaker set

We all have salt and pepper shakers at home, but the problem is that they are most likely boring ones you can get anywhere.

The good news is that they don’t have to be boring, which is why we’ve tried to find a couple of funny salt and pepper shakers that are just a touch different and may even put a smile on your face every time you use them. And not just that, they are also great conversation starters!

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Citrus Mist Sprayer

Citrus mist spray on food

The citrus mist sprayer is a very clever kitchen invention that adds flavor to all your meals.

Simply stick this handy juice sprayer into any fruit you like and spray away!

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