UNT Mug (University of North Texas)

UNT Mug (university of north texas coffee mug)

Some say the capital letters UNT in the print on the UNT mug stand for University of North Texas, but we are actually not so sure about that.

Because if you look at the UNT mug from a certain angle, or if you purposely point it to that special someone you have issues with, this mug suddenly gets a very different meaning.

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Build-On Brick Mug

Build-on brick mug with bricks

Would you like a little ingenuity with your coffee or tea? The Build-On Brick Mug is your break time and your play time rolled into one!

Put your creativity to work customizing your caffeine hit with this mug, as you build your Lego dreams around your favorite beverage.

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20 Weird and Unusual Coffee Mugs That Make You Stand Out

Weird and unusual coffee mugs

You may be coffee crazy, or perhaps you’re more of an afternoon cup of tea kind of person, or a decadent hot chocolate could be the way to your heart. No matter what hot drink you prefer, you need a decent mug to enjoy it in.

That’s why we’ve come up with a list of weird mugs that will make you appreciate your favorite beverage even more.

At home or in the workplace, everyone has their favorite mug. The good old coffee mug is often a reflection of the person that’s drinking out of it.

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The Caffeine Mug

The caffeine mug

Make it absolutely clear to everyone around you that you have a caffeine addiction with the classy caffeine mug. The huge green caffeine molecule printed on this awesome coffee mug is a statement.

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Toilet Coffee Mug

Toilet coffee mug

The toilet coffee mug will have you drinking your favorite morning beverage with class while stirring up conversation in the workplace. Even with the seat left up, this mug is the definition of pure class.

Molded and hand painted to perfection, the wonderfully curved toilet coffee mug does an outstanding job at serving you that coffee or tea freshness.

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Left Handed Coffee Mug

Left handed coffee mug

Finally, a coffee mug designed for lefty’s only. The official left handed coffee mug rewards the drinker with a big thumbs up if used properly.

But when used with the right hand, your coffee will dribble through a smart little hole that’s hardly visible.

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