Laser Tag Guns for Kids, Exciting Action Toys for Active Children

Laser tag guns for kids

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We have listed the best laser tag guns for kids that allow children to be active, playing arguably the best ever action game ever invented: home laser tag.

When I was growing up, me and my neighborhood friends always played outside. We would entertain ourselves with fun games such as good-old hide-and-seek or simply a game of basketball.

In today’s digital world, children are used to play video games at home or, if they are a bit older, browsing Facebook and other Social Media sites all day.

While it’s great that technology has advanced so much over the years, it’s also kind of sad that children don’t play active and sociable games as much anymore.

Why Laser Tag?

Laser tag is a game that not only keeps children active, it’s also a game that teaches children to be social together, to work together in teams, and to come up with strategies. Despite the rise of online video games, laser tag has remained popular over the years, with laser tag arenas popping up everywhere.

But laser tag doesn’t have to be played at a professional arena. You can now easily buy home laser tag sets at very affordable prices, to play at home or simply outside in the park. There are also specific laser tag guns for kids; toys that are perhaps not as sophisticated as professional laser tag guns, but they advanced enough for hours of great and active fun at home.

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Best Laser Tag Guns and Toys for Kids

Time to get real, here are our favorite laser tag guns for kids currently available on the market. All of these laser tag sets are quality toys, with different sets of features. Some are more advanced, some a bit more basic for the younger ones.

1. Call of Life Laser Tag Set for Kids

Call of Life laser tag set for kids - 2 players

The Call of Life laser tag set by Simply Addictive Games is one of the most popular home laser tag sets ever produced, with lots of useful features and exciting sound and light effects.

The reason why these guns have become so popular is that they are very easy and intuitive to use, yet they are also very sophisticated. Young children will be able to quickly learn how to handle them and adults will like these guns just as much. They are also lightweight with comfortable handles that will fit hands of all sizes.

What are some of the best features?

Team Settings

The team settings allow you to play in teams of multiple players (with different colors), or you can play individually against eachother. Once you’ve all agreed on the desired team setting, simply start shooting and your laser tag battle can begin!

Blaster Settings

The blaster settings allow you to use your laser tag gun as different types of blasters: a pistol, a shotgun, a sub-machine gun or a missile launcher.

These different settings come with different ammunition levels and and different amounts of shots you can fire at once. How much damage you can cause to your opponent is also dependent on which blaster setting you choose.

What’s great about blaster settings is that it adds more strategy to the game, because each blaster type has its own pros and cons that you need to consider when playing a laser tag battle.

Firing Range

Depending on the blaster type you’re using, the Call of Life lase tag gun has a maximum firing range of 40 meters. It also depends where you are, inside or outside. It’s an impressive range allowing you to play great games outside in a park.

Watch the below video to get a good feel of what the Call of Life laser tag guns are capable of. It’s a rather long video but it’s also fun to watch:


Call of Life – Nano Bug Laser Tag Set

Call of Life Nano Bug laser tag set

This fun set consists of one Call of Life laser tag gun, a nano bug target and a USB powered recharger for the target. Press the little black button at the back of the nano bug target and it will start moving around like crazy. Then all you need to do is chase it and shoot it. Once shot, the bug will recover itself and start running away again.

This set is perfect for playing solo and improve your home laser tag skills. It really is serious fun.


2. Discovery Kids Spaceship Laser Tag Set

Discovery Kids Spaceship laser tag set

The Discovery Spaceship laser tag set is best suitable for young kids aged 6 and up.

This set includes 2 guns that you can slide on to hands with a firm and comfortable grip. The grip is designed so that they fit adults hands too. Simple and straightforward to use, the awesome spaceship design will appeal even more to smaller children.

The guns also make exciting intergalactic sounds and vibrations during play which will enhance the laser tag experience. At a very affordable price, this is the perfect entry-level laser tag set.

Requires 6 AAA batteries (not included).

Currently not available

3. Spy Net Laser Strike – 2 Player Laser Tag Set for Kids

Spy Strike laser tag guns for kids

The SpyNet Spy Strike laser tag set includes two laser tag guns with two seperate sensors. The sensors are the targets which need to be attached to the arms. This set offers two playing modes: one-vs-one and solo mode to practice your personal laser tag skills.

Best suitable for children ages 8 and up.

Currently not available

Final Thoughts on Kids Laser Tag Guns

As you can see, playing an exciting game of laser tag at home or outside in the park is very affordable, and the toys themselves are sophisticated enough to keep children entertained for many hours.

I don’t know about you, but I’d much rather see kids playing active games together than to have them watch TV or play video games all day.

Hopefully these laser tag guns for kids as described above have given you enough of an idea of what home laser tag is about and how exciting this game for children can be. So let’s get active!

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