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It really doesn’t matter if it’s the middle of a winter downpour or just a light drizzle, if you want to stay dry you’ll need an umbrella.

What better way to let Mother Nature know exactly what you’re thinking than with an Up Yours Middle Finger Umbrella!

This great umbrella isn’t just a random cool idea either; it’s also very practical in more ways than one.

Why You Should Get the Middle Finger Umbrella

Made with high quality waterproof polyester, you can use the Middle Finger Umbrella to keep you dry all year round.

It doesn’t matter if you’re just out for a stroll or on the way to a very important meeting, no one likes to get soaking wet.

It ruins your make-up, hair and your clothes. We have all been there, unprepared for rain and having to dash between our car and shelter or along the street.

Middle finger umbrella top view

And this umbrella doesn’t just have to be for rainy days either. The Up Yours Middle Finger Umbrella is great for keeping the sun off you at sporting events or any other outdoor activities, and have a few laughs at the same time.

Oscar winner Jennifer Lawrence is quite fond of the Middle Finger Umbrella herself. The Hunger Games star was spotted out on the streets with her own Middle Finger Umbrella pointing at the waiting paparazzi!

So the question you’re probably asking is, why haven’t I got my own Middle Finger Umbrella yet?

Yes, it’s time to start letting Mother Nature, and everyone else for that matter, know exactly what you think of the rain!

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Middle Finger Umbrella Features:

  • Spring loaded opening mechanism
  • 100% Quality polyester in 8 sections
  • When closed measures 29cm x 8cm
  • When opened measures 100cm
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