Robot USB Flash Drive

Robot USB flash drive

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The robot USB flash drive is a metal memory stick that features a cute little robot that just can’t wait to pull its head off to hold your all your important data.

The robot’s head, which is also the flash drive cap, is attached to the body via two arms so you won’t lose it that easily.

The times when USB flash drives were flat, colorless, and just plain boring, are finally over. A flash drive is a device that a lot of people use almost every day.

So why settle for a boring one that you could easily lose? That’s right, make it a fun one and stand out from the crowd.

Robot usb flash drive

With a storage capacity of no less than 8 GB, this is certainly a valuable little gadget, perfect for school, college, work, or simply for at home. And it may also just be a great conversation starter.

Robot USB Flash Drive Features:

  • Easy plug and play installation
  • Comes with key chain
  • Capacity: 8 GB

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