Shot Roulette Drinking Game

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Raise the stakes to new levels with the Shot Roulette Drinking Game!

This awesome party game changer brings the casino experience home, while serving shots to all the lucky winners.

Nothing gets a party going like drinking shots, and with Shot Roulette, everybody wins with 16 glasses to play with.

Shot Roulette Rules

The rules for the shot roulette game are very simple. The glasses are even color coordinated in black and red. Each shot glass, either black or red, has 2 numbers.

You place your bets with your shot glass, give the roulette wheel a good spin and if the ball stops on your number and color… You are the lucky winner and get to drink the shot!

If you were planning to go to your friend’s place empty handed, be sure to bring the Shot Glass Roulette along – at 16 inches diameter it is easily portable.

With it’s shiny gold handle and silver numbering, the Shot Roulette brings a classy game to your shindig. Its wide base makes it stable enough to use on almost all surfaces, even outdoors.

Shot roulette drinking game

The Shot Roulette Drinking Game is also very easy to wipe clean and store for your next Casino night. So get creative with the stakes, and the Shot Glass Roulette will become an essential part of your night out!

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Shot Roulette Features:

  • 12-inches diameter game board
  • Includes 16 numbered shot glasses
  • Includes 2 metallic balls
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