10 Stylish College Backpacks for Women and Girls

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Last updated: June 20, 2021

Picking the right stylish backpack for your college girl look is perhaps the second most important choice you can make for college life, the first being your Major.

College is that amazing carefree time of your life without parents, job stress and commitments; except maybe a student loan. Your backpack needs to reflect your free spirited personality, as well as carrying all your essential items.

High school was all about choosing clothes and accessories that reflected which clique you hung out with, but a college backpack is all about you.

And that’s why we decided to dive deep into the world of college backpacks for women and girls and compile a list of the best ones available for you.

Top 10 Stylish College Backpacks for Women

In no particular order, here is our list with 10 stylish backpacks for college in different price categories.

1. Leaper Lightweight Canvas Backpack

Leaper Lightweight Canvas Backpack

Available in more than 20 colors, this Leaper canvas backpack has a super casual yet classy look. Not only does this model look good, it’s also designed to be very comfortable. The straps are very gentle on the shoulders and the cushion at the back will make carrying this bag a breeze, no matter how heavy your books are.

Made of durable, high quality canvas and artificial leather.

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2. DGY Women’s Canvas Backpack

DGY Women's Canvas Backpack

This DGY backpack model is not just suitable for college, it’s also perfect for your weekend day trips. With a bright and simplistic design, this compact but very functional backpack will have no problems carrying your laptop, books and other personal items around.

Made with durable canvas and faux leather, this funky backpack is our favorite in this list of college backpacks for women and girls. Available in 8 different colors.

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3. Bolang Water Resistant Nylon Backpack

Bolang Water Resistant Nylon Backpack

This high quality backpack is made with water resistant nylon and also has a water resistant zipper. It’s also very functional, with 3 front pockets for small items such as your phone, the main pocket with 16inch laptop compartment, and two side pockets to carry water bottles with you.

Available in 5 funky colors, this backpack is excellent value for the sporty type college woman.

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4. Coofit Fashion Leather Backpack

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If it’s style and fashion combined with comfort that you’re after, look no further. Made with PU leather, this backpack in black color consists of a generous main pocket, a seperate zipper pocket, a phone pocket and a document pocket.

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5. Kenox Vintage College Backpack

Kenox Vintage College Backpack

This fashionable and robust backpack in true vintage style is not only perfectly suitable for college, but also for traveling and hiking.

The adjustable straps are very gentle on the shoulders, and the top handle is perfect for shorter trips. Available in 3 vintage colors, this college backpack can easily fit a 15 inch laptop.

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6. Leaper Casual Canvas Backpack Set

Leaper Casual Canvas Backpack Set

If the sturdy canvas backpack is not enough, this Leaper set also comes with a very practical shoulder bag and a stylish purse.

The main compartment in the backpack is very functional with lots of seperate pockets to store your personal items of different sizes, including your laptop (14 inch) or tablet. The padded straps and cushion protection make this backpack super comfortable to carry.

Available in several different sets of colors.

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7. Printed Canvas Laptop Backpack

Printed Canvas Laptop Backpack

The padded back panel and comfortable shoulder straps make carrying this canvas laptop around as easy as can be.

The main compartment with padded pocket easily fits a 15.6 laptop or notebook, and the convenient internal zipper pocket and phone holder will safely store your smaller personal belongings. Available in colors grey, grey-wave and brown.

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8. Kenox Casual School and College Backpack

Kenox Casual School and College Backpack

This durable canvas backpack is actually best suitable for school, rather than for college, as it doesn’t have a separate pocket for your laptop. But we like the bright design of this compact backpack so much that we couldn’t resist including it in this list of college backpacks for women and girls.

The comfortable straps are adjustable and the main compartment is big and sturdy enough to carry heavy books around with ease.

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9. HotStyle Backpack with Laptop Compartment

HotStyle Backpack with Laptop Compartment

The Hotstyle 928M linen backpack is perfect for those who prefer a simplistic yet powerful look. The sturdy linen fabric, polyester lining and comfortable top handle make this model feel very robust.

With several internal and external zippered pockets – including one for your precious laptop (14 inch) – this backpack is designed to safely carry all your personal belongings around campus.

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10. HotStyle Vintage Backpack

HotStyle Vintage Backpack

This compact and lightweight vintage style backpack is made of 95% polyester and 5% PU leather. Ideal for school, college, work and travel, this backpack is designed to be both functional and stylish at the same time.

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How to Choose Your Favorite College Backpack

One way you can choose your backpack is to base it on your Extracurriculars. Are you joining a sorority? Or a college sports team? You might consider showing off your team spirit by carrying your sorority or college colors everywhere with you.

Colors like Navy Blue, Red and Grey are also super easy to match with your outfit as they are pretty neutral. Big bold color co-ordination is what makes the preppy style unique and eye catching. Color blocking on the pockets or handles can tie the look together.

Choose a College Backpack That Fits Your Lifestyle

If you are more attracted to the non-conservative, political side of college, you might consider getting a more rugged style backpack. Think camouflage colors, or a 1990s tribal look with plenty of spaces to carry your Che Guevara pins and anti-establishment slogans.

If pop culture is what gets you fired up, there are plenty of awesome backpacks out there to show off your favourite icons. Are you more into manga and comics? Batman, SpongeBob, Naruto, anything goes at college, and odds are you can find a good crew of people who are into the same thing.

Choose a College Backpack That Is Functional

Now what about those girls who actually came to college to study? Duh! You need a backpack that will overachieve. Get yourself the best, a sleek work style backpack with a decent laptop pocket and plenty of ergonomic shoulder strap padding for lugging your study materials up and down campus.

Schools and offices have also changed a lot over the last ten years. Once, we just needed to carry around a few books and perhaps lunch. But now, we also need to carry smartphones and tablets, laptops and all sorts of other essential items. So you need to choose a bag that suits your needs.

What matters most when you choose your backpack is that you determine what functions it will need to be able to perform. A backpack is not only a fashion accessory it also needs to be able to handle all of your tasks, so make sure that the backpack you choose is suitable. If you are going to be carrying a lot of weight like books or a laptop or tablet, then make sure that you can carry your backpack comfortably.


Stylish college backpacks for women and girls


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