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The very realistic looking 3D tiger head backpack will make you stand out from the crowd, and you may even give some people a bit of a scare.

When you are looking for a new backpack, there are literally thousands of cool backpacks to choose from. It really isn’t hard to get yourself a brand new backpack, but it is actually quite difficult to find a backpack that no one else already has.

How many times have you seen someone walking around outside with exactly the same backpack as yours. Or one so close they look pretty much the same? Too often, that’s right. Well, now you can stop worrying about that ever happening again.

Check out the Tiger Head Backpack

The truly unique 3D style tiger head backpack is made using a sturdy and strong construction of foam, nylon and plush material. Top quality materials and workmanship are combined to produce an excellent yet still affordable and seriously cool backpack.

Tiger Head Backpack

If you like to be a little bit different and not wear the same old backpacks just like everyone else, then you’ll definitely need to grab one of these awesome backpacks.

They don’t just look good, they are also big and comfortable enough to carry all your essentials around with ease.

Various Colors

The tiger head backpack is available in both orange, black, as well as in white. This works great if you have two kids who want to be just a little bit different from one another.

Or you can go all cute and romantic and get one for yourself and one for your boyfriend or girlfriend. Err.. maybe not.

Tiger Head Backpack with zipper

It’s time that you let everyone out there know that there is a new king of the jungle walking around on the streets. People won’t know which way to look when they see you strutting your stuff in this awesome tiger head backpack.

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Tiger Head Backpack Features:

  • Materials: plush, foam and nylon
  • Choose from yellow or white
  • Dimension: 23.6″ (60cm) x 18.9″ (48cm) x 11.8″ (30cm)
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