Totoro Slippers

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Keep your feet nice and warm with these very soft, fluffy and comfortable Totoro slippers. Once you put them on, you don’t want to take them off anymore!

Why You Need Totoro Slippers

At home, at night, all you want to do is relax on the couch, watch a bit of TV, read a book, and perhaps enjoy a glass of wine. You could wear your favorite comfortable clothes, or perhaps your pyjamas, but your feet are important too.

This is where a pair of Totoro slippers come to the rescue. Trust us when we say that these slippers are like a five-star resort for you feet.

These very pleasant Totoro slippers come in different sizes, for both adults and children, so why not get a set for the whole family!

Totoro slippers

Ps: If you’re not entirely sure who or what Totoro is, then you can read all about this adorable creature in this Wikipedia article: My neighbor Totoro.

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Totoro Slippers Features:

  • Quality and comfortable feel
  • Fabric: polyester, cotton
  • Color: gray
  • Comes in different sizes
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