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Pie Face Board Game

Pie in the face board game in box

Millions of new games get invented every day throughout the world, but how many of them involve Russian roulette and pie?

If you’re looking for a simple game that makes all the difference and you’re not afraid of getting a little bit messy, then Pie Face is perfect for you.

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Best Laser Tag Guns and Equipment Sets for Home Use in 2019

Best home laser tag guns and equipment sets

We have all played army, cowboy, or any other shooting game while growing up as kids. Back then we might have used sticks or, if we were lucky, plastic guns with the occasional sound effects thrown in.

But now there is a game changer: home laser tag guns. Having gone through an enormous popularity boost in the last decade, laser tag is now an established action game that is suitable for both kids as well as for adults.

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Best Funko POP Figures – Pick Your Favorite Movie Star or Cartoon Character

Best Funko POP figures

The best thing about collecting Funko POP Figures is that there are so many of them. If you have a favorite movie, cartoon or celebrity, most likely there will be a cool Funko POP vinyl toy to go with them.

What’s also great is that collecting Funko POP Figures really isn’t just for young children. In the last few years these adorable, large-headed, vinyl figures have developed a huge, ever growing fan base, and many people use them simply as fun and colorful decoration items.

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