The UNT Mug (University of North Texas)

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Last updated: June 19, 2021

Some say the capital letters UNT in the print on the UNT mug stand for University of North Texas, but we are actually not so sure about that.

Because if you look at the UNT mug from a certain angle, or if you intentionally point it to that special someone you have deeper issues with, this mug suddenly gets a very different meaning.

We C what you did there…

What Is the UNT Mug?

Let’s face it. Mornings aren’t always the best part of the day.

You roll yourself out of bed (or scrape yourself up off the floor depending on the type of night you had), stumble to the bathroom, fix your face and hair so you don’t get mistaken for some sort of urban legend, and finally make your way to the kitchen.

Then the desperate hunt for coffee begins. Hopefully you have enough wits about you to get the coffee pot starting (thank goodness for K-Cups).

University of North Texas coffee mug

The only question left is: which boring coffee mug are you going to drink your delicious energy elixir from? Just because coffee mugs are usually quite mainstream and uninspiring, doesn’t mean you have to drink your coffee from a boring mug.

Don’t settle for the same coffee mug you’ve been using since the dawn of time that you stole from your parents’ house with some cartoon cat on it. Mix it up, live a little!

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Why Should You Buy the UNT Coffee Mug?

This is where the UNT coffee mug comes in. Once you see the UNT mug in your morning stupor, a smile will instantly come across your face.

Why? The strategically designed handle makes the meaningless UNT design a cheeky one with the addition of a C at the beginning of the word.

This goes without saying, but the UNT coffee mug obviously works very well in the office too, but use with caution!

If it won’t instantly get you fired, you may even be able to enjoy a good laugh all day at your desk.

Casually bring it when you go to ask your not-so-popular boss what she means in her passive aggressive email. We can’t guarantee you will have a stellar day, but at least you will start it off on the right foot with a laugh!

The UNT mug certainly makes for a great office gag gift, as long as the recipient has a good sense of humor. Even better if the recipient was a student at University of North Texas at some point.

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UNT Mug Features:

  • Made with quality ceramic
  • Dishwasher and microwave safe
  • Quality printing that will not fade
  • Strategically C-shaped handle
  • Guaranteed laughs in the office

Variations to the UNT Mug

It may come as no surprise that the invention of the UNT mug has led to all sorts of variations to the original idea.

For example, we came across the Thumbs Up ICK Mug. The handle is carefully designed in a D-shape. Perhaps not as harsh as the UNT mug, but it’s still quite confronting. Or what about the black-handled OCK Coffee Mug?

Thumbs Up ICK Mug

They certainly are all very funny coffee mugs, but we prefer to stick to the original UNT coffee mug.


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