Weed Pillow Case (For Some Real Comfort)

Weed pillow case

The giant weed pillow case is a dream come true for all pot smoking enthusiasts and marijuana legalization supporters out there.

This marijuana pillowcase with a realistic color print looks like a giant see-through bag of weed.

How cool is it that you can sleep on top of your most precious substance, making sure no one walks away with it.


The weed pillow case has a fully functional zipper top that looks and works exactly like a real ziplock. Very convenient.

And there is even a secret little compartment, ideal for hiding your favorite stash. Well, not really, but you get the point.

Weed pillow case in use

This must-have decoration accessory is super comfortable, measures 17×19 inches and is made with polyester.

Have some fun decorating your bed room and throw this hilarious weed pillow case in for a bit of comfort and a few good laughs.

Weed Pillow Case Features

In summary, this is what the weed pillow case is all about:

  • Polyester pillowcase
  • Zipper top looks and functions like a ziplock
  • Internal pocket
  • Dimensions: 17 x 19 inches

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