9 Weird and Unusual Umbrellas That Make You Stand out From the Crowd

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For centuries humans have been working to try and defy nature. And one of our greatest challenges from Mother Nature is rain. It can be both a giver of life, or an unforgiving and destructive force.

To make rain a bit more enjoyable, we have come up with a list of weird and unusual umbrellas that will most certainly put a smile on your face.

Why You Need a Special Umbrella

We humans are an impatient bunch, so instead of just waiting it out in a cave like all the other animals, we started creating tools to give us back our independence. This has brought us to one of our most common and controversial creations: the humble umbrella.

Colorful umbrellas

Did you know that umbrellas were actually first created to protect us from the sun? This is still pretty common in certain parts of the world. Umbrellas can also do a pretty good job of protecting us from other human beings, creating a pointy halo around us that tells everyone to keep out of our personal space.

However in many places the umbrella is not an optional accessory, and because constant rain is a bit of a dampener both physically and emotionally, we need an umbrella that is going to help brighten our mood. A great umbrella is a reflection of our style and personality, a beacon of our amazing taste, or terrible sense of humor.

9 Weird and Unusual Umbrellas

To help you upgrade from your boring black tri-fold number, here are some really cool umbrellas to choose from.

1. Middle Finger Umbrella

Middle Finger Umbrella

The truth is, most people don’t like rain. And what better way to let Mother Nature know exactly about your feelings than with the Middle Finger Umbrella?

It doesn’t matter if you’re just out for a stroll or on the way to a very important meeting, no one likes to get soaking wet. Rain ruins your make-up, hair and your clothes.

Oscar winner Jennifer Lawrence is quite fond of the Middle Finger Umbrella herself. The Hunger Games star was spotted out on the streets with her own Middle Finger Umbrella pointing at the waiting paparazzi.

So the question you’re probably asking is, why haven’t I got my own Middle Finger Umbrella yet? Yes, it’s time to start letting Mother Nature, and everyone else for that matter, know exactly what you think of the rain!

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2. Dabbing Unicorn Umbrella

Dabbing Unicorn Umbrella

A unicorn performing a dab printed on an umbrella. I know, I know, it makes very little sense, but this Dabbing Unicorn Umbrella looks absolutely fantastic, not to mention super original.

And it not only looks good, this 3 folds umbrella is also made with quality materials, is windproof, and also protects from strong sun UV rays.

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3. Shit It’s Raining Umbrella

Shit It's Raining Umbrella

Similar to the Middle Finger Umbrella, this particular umbrella also perfectly explains our typical feelings when it’s raining. Shit, it’s raining. That’s right.

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4. Wine Bottle Umbrella

Wine Bottle Umbrella

An umbrella in the shape of a wine bottle when closed would be the perfect gift for the wine lover in your circle of friends.

And if you’re not actually going to use it to protect yourself from the rain, this Wine Bottle Umbrella makes for a great decoration piece.

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5. Fishing Umbrella Hat

Fishing Umbrella Hat

Okay, you may not look like the coolest dude ever when wearing this umbrella hat on your head, but this magnificent apparel piece is incredible versatile.

Wear it when it’s raining or too sunny. Wear it while watching your local sports game, to protect from the elements. Wear it at the beach. And last but certainly least, you can wear it to any party for a good laugh.

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6. Sunflower Umbrella

Sunflower Umbrella

This Sunflower Umbrella is my personal favorite, because the sunflower pattern is the perfect answer to miserable rain. I wouldn’t be surprised if this umbrella even helps to make the rain stop, but maybe that’s just me.

If you like this umbrella as much as I do, you’re not just buying a nice looking decoration piece. This 11.5 inch long Sunflower Umbrella is actually a really good quality umbrella, with automatic open and close button, solid 8-rib construction, and excellent water protection.

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7. UFO Raincoat Umbrella

UFO Raincoat Umbrella

If you can’t be bothered carrying an umbrella while walking in the rain, this UFO shaped raincoat umbrella plus hat is the perfect solution. Admittedly, you may look a bit silly, but it works like a charm!

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8. Goldfish Aquarium Umbrella

Goldfish Aquarium Umbrella

The goldfish aquarium pattern on this unique umbrella works amazingly well in the rain. It really does turn this umbrella into a real-life aquarium.

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9. Upside Down Umbrella

Upside Down Umbrella

The Upside Down Umbrella is actually quite weird and unusual in the sense that it doesn’t open and close in the same way a conventional umbrella does.

Picture this. You’re in your car, and it’s raining cats and dogs. You’ve arrived at your destination, and you’ve parked your car. You now need to walk through that miserable rain to get inside the building. To minimize the damage, you want that umbrella to open straight after opening the door of your car. Can you see how challenging this can be with a normal umbrella?

With the inverted mechanism of the Upside Down Umbrella, it’s so much easier to open it and be covered instantly. Carrying this umbrella around is very comfortable too, with an ergonomic handle and with the cover hanging downwards, which makes drying up much easier. So much win!

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Final Thoughts

There are so many amazing and terrible umbrellas out there, you could almost have one for every mood that you’re in. The umbrella is no longer a one dimension tool for keeping the rain out, you can tell the world how you feel, let people in and keep people out whenever you feel like it.

So how are you ready to step out into the storm?

I can’t guarantee that all of these weird and unusual umbrellas will keep you nice and dry, but they will definitely keep you smiling as you do.


9 Weird and unusual umbrellas

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