5 Headphones That Are Better Than Beats by Dre

Headphones better than Beats by Dre

The Beats By Dre brand has been through an enormous growth sprint since its inception back in 2006. Beats headphones have been hugely popular from the start, partly because of their sleek design and effective marketing strategy.

But are they actually any good? And how do they compare to similar and lower priced alternative headphones? Before we list 5 headphones better than Beats (according to us), let’s have a closer look at the history behind Beats by Dre and their current range of headphones.

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19 Unique Novelty Tea Infusers

Unique novelty tea infusers

Most of us love a nice warm cup of tea in the afternoon to refresh and revitalize. Some use tea bags, others use fresh tea leaves.

But this afternoon tea routine could be so much more fun if we used tea infusers that were just a little bit different. And that is why we’ve come up with a bunch of cool and unique novelty tea infusers.

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19 Funny and Weird Shower Curtains to Liven up Your Bathroom

Funny and weird shower curtains

Are you a morning shower person? Or do you prefer that clean and warm feeling before you climb into bed in the evening?

A good shower can make you feel brand new, ready to take on the day ahead, or wash away all the negative vibes from the day that’s been. Whatever time of day you prefer, a long and warm shower can help clear the mind and make you feel more relaxed.

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15 Best Party Drinking Games (Buying Guide)

Best party drinking games

Whether you’re inviting just a few friends or the entire school or office, nothing could make a party get going like some serious, old-school drinking games! We have collected 15 of the best party drinking games currently available, so you can liven up your next party and have some great fun.

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Best Mini Beer Fridge for Your Man Cave

Best mini beer fridge for your man cave

Most men love a refreshing cold beer every now and then, and a purpose-built mini beer fridge is perfect for looking after your favorite beverages.

If there is one area in your house that needs a mini beer fridge, then it’s the man cave. And to make things easier for you, we’ve selected 8 of the best mini beer fridges you can get your hands on.

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15 Funny and Unique Kitchen Gadgets

Funny and unique kitchen gadgets

Not everyone enjoys being in the kitchen, preparing food, cooking meals, and washing the dishes. However, with the right kitchen gadgets our lives in the kitchen can be so much more enjoyable.

We have selected 15 funny and unique kitchen gadgets that will surely put a smile on your face. But rest assured, these kitchen goodies will not just make you laugh, they are in fact also very useful.

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9 Hilarious Dog Costumes for Small Dogs

Hilarious small dog costumes

As a small dog owner myself, I know firsthand how much our four-legged friends crave attention. And let’s be honest, that’s a two-way street.

One way of drawing attention to dogs is by dressing them up in a funny dog costume that will attract the attention of both humans and fellow dogs while being out and about.

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20 Funny and Unusual Slippers for Adults

Funny and unusual slippers for adults

Do you have a favorite item from your childhood? Maybe a special gift that someone gave you, or something you found but could never bring yourself to give up. Do you still have it today?

For me, that item is my pair of lucky sheep slippers. They are as cool as they sound, like giant clown shoes with a cute little sheep face on the front. Those silly slippers got me through countless late-night assignments and cramming sessions before exams.

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20 Weird and Unusual Umbrellas That Make You Stand Out

Weird and unusual umbrellas

For centuries, humans have been working to try and defy nature. And one of our greatest challenges from Mother Nature is rain. It can be both a giver of life, or an unforgiving and destructive force.

To make rain a bit more enjoyable, we have come up with a list of weird and unusual umbrellas. Umbrellas that will not only protect you from the rain and sun, but will also put a smile on your face.

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