Finding Gifts for Your Girlfriend (A Practical Guide)

It’s time to get your girlfriend a gift. Is it her birthday? Or are you looking for an anniversary surprise?

Finding that special gift for your girlfriend can often be a bigger than anticipated challenge. Sometimes the woman you know best in the world can be the hardest to find a present for!

In this guide, we’re going to help you find that perfect gift for that special lady in your life.

Gift Ideas for That Special Girlfriend

Don’t let the pressure get to you, here are some ideas to get you started on the hunt for a suitable gift for every kind of girlfriend.

1. The Athletic Girlfriend

Encourage her love of movement and health with tickets to her favorite team game, which doubles as a date night for the two of you.

The athletic girlfriend
The athletic girlfriend

Follow this up with a new team jersey, because a die-hard fan can never have enough merchandise. Or if you’re really game, you can get a matching one for yourself!

Is your girlfriend a gym junkie? Head down to the local sports shop and get her a new set of smart looking women sports clothes.

2. The Animal Loving Girlfriend

If she has a pet (or pets) or simply loves all creatures great or small, showing them some love may help you receive some in return.

Professional photo sessions with her and her pet are a beautiful record of a beloved family member.

The animal loving girlfriend
The animal loving girlfriend

The opportunity to go behind the scenes at the zoo or be with animals in their natural environment like a safari, or a dolphin dive are examples of awesome gifts for your girlfriend to get closer to her favourite animals.

If these are a bit out of your budget, you can also consider donating to your girlfriend’s favorite animal charity or helping fund raise for their cause. Yes, this would make her very happy.

3. The Adventurous Girlfriend

Is your girlfriend the ultimate date planner? Or has your holiday fling transformed into a more committed relationship?

Adventure coupons are a great way to keep the excitement alive, and cover nearly every experience, budget and thrill level, from bungee jumping to romantic hot air ballooning trips.

The adventurous girlfriend
The adventurous girlfriend

Discovering a new mode of transport can be an exhilarating way to spend time together. Cycling is a great sport that can cover short distances (to the nearest café) or across countries.

The variety is almost endless, and the beauty of the bicycle is, if you get tired, you can often jump on a train or throw your bike in the back of the car for the trip home.

A travel diary is another great gift to record your time together, whether in the form of an elegant notebook, a blog, or a stylish scrap book.

4. The Nerdy Girlfriend

Is your girlfriend exceptionally intelligent and does she know a lot about a certain topic? Is she into computers, classic ballet, or perhaps literature?

The nerdy girlfriend
The nerdy girlfriend

Not all nerds are made the same and they have different interests. Keep a list of things that your girlfriend likes to talk about and find gifts online that match the stuff she is so passionate about.

These can be weird gadgets, self-motivation books, classic movies, opera tickets, and so on. Consider yourself lucky if your girlfriend is the nerdy type because the options are endless.

5. The Stylish Girlfriend

If Fashion and Style trends are your girlfriend’s focus, getting your gift right without her expert knowledge can be somewhat tricky.

Luckily the internet is your friend. If you feel uncomfortable buying her a gift outright when you don’t know if she will like it, some of the biggest shopping sites such as Amazon offer wish lists, so she can provide you with a shortlist of ideas.

The stylish girlfriend
The stylish girlfriend

Fashion rental and subscription websites are now commonplace, allowing your girlfriend access to the latest designer fashions on a rental basis, so that if she loves it, you can purchase it for her, or if she gets sick of it, it can be sent back.

Handmade custom jewellery can seem like an intimidating investment, but small inexpensive pieces can often be created by a local artisan or via an online craft marketplace such as Etsy.

6. The Creative Girlfriend

Keep your girlfriend’s creative juices flowing with an elegant notebook for collating her gorgeous sketches, notes or song lyrics in one place.

The creative girlfriend
The creative girlfriend

Not only is it a handy tool, but also a reminder of your thoughtfulness that she will carry everywhere.

Another big step in her creative process will be recording her work, so a compact digital camera is often crucial for keeping her process and the results of her hard work, and potentially showing them to the world.

7. The Career Focused Girlfriend

Helping your girlfriend be the best in her industry may well be the best gift you can provide.

Keeping a work journal is a great strategy for keeping on track, and helping your girlfriend reflect on her successes and areas of improvement in a constructive way.

The business girlfriend
The business girlfriend

Assisting her education is another selfless way of helping her development, whether it be signing her up for a seminar with a business person she greatly admires, or gifting her with a great business strategy book relevant for her skills and industry.

Or find her something small, like a fancy pen, or a brand new feminine looking brief case.

Final Thoughts

Hopefully we have given you some great ideas for gifts to buy for your girlfriend.

Key is to not stress out too much if you still don’t know what to buy, because often it’s the thought that counts and not so much the gift itself.

Happy shopping!


Finding gifts for your girlfriend


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